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26.-29.4. 2017

International Furniture and Interior Design Fair

MOBITEX 2017 in figures

From 26 to 29 April, the Brno Exhibition Centre Brno hosted the Building Fairs Brno, the MOBITEX International Furniture and Interior Design Fair and the DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno. Concurrently, this year also took place the PTÁČEK trade fair of the company PTÁČEK – velkoobchod (wholesale). Inspiration from finished prefabricated wooden houses was found by visitors at the National Building Centre.

Statistical data*

Number of firms 827 from 20 countries worldwide
Net exhibition area 19 630 sqm
Number of visitors 44 059 from 15 countries worldwide

* Joint statistical data of Building Fairs Brno, MOBITEX, DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno, SC EDEN 3000 and PTÁČEK Fair.

Final report - download:


Helena Prokopová, Guild of Upholsterers and Decorators:
This year‘s MOBITEX fair was better than last year‘s, as there were many interesting products. I am delighted that three members of our guild received awards for their products. For the Guild of Upholsterers, the MOBITEX Fair has been a great success as always.

Lucia Haraslínová, Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers:
The Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers (KČN) presented, at a joint display, quality and interesting design of its members‘ products. That is why we must not miss out on Brno. The construction of KČN’s stand and KČN’s activities within the accompanying programme of the MOBITEX trade fair was co-financed from the OPPI-Cooperation-Clusters project.

Petra Sehnalová, decoDoma:
We presented mainly covering for different types of seating, from stools to corner sofas. We have 40 different designs and colours, and we were surprised by the great interest of people in these products at Mobitex. I admit that we do not have much competition in the Czech Republic in this respect. The fair was successful for us, even though we were here for the first time. We were satisfied at the exhibition grounds, our goal was met, and that means that our presentation fulfilled its purpose.

Michal Karafiát, technologist, designer, EXIT 112 s.r.o.:
We were happy with Mobitex, we are glad to have received an award for the Phoenix armchair. We are going to exhibit regularly in Brno, the facilities in the area are always perfect here, and we were also satisfied with the numbers of visitors at our display. We always get some contracts here, so our presentation has paid back economically.

René Cígler, Elektro Cígler:
At this year‘s fair we introduced chandeliers, lights, tables and chairs. Our display was visited by enough visitors not only from Brno and its surroundings, but from the whole of the country. In addition, we have our own customers who visit us regularly here. Nevertheless, we always, as well as this year, acquire new clients at MOBITEX. We are permanent exhibitors at MOBITEX and so far it has never happened that event would not pay for itself economically. That‘s why we‘ll be coming here every year, we‘re always satisfied here.

Tomáš Jelínek, JELÍNEK-výroba nábytku s.r.o.
Our products, especially the new ones, were very sought-after at this fair. We always like to come to Brno. MOBITEX has a great tradition, people are interested in our furniture because we have regular customers here and we keep in touch with them. At Mobitex, our bed received an awards. The company Jelínek produces furniture made of solid oak and beech in a material thickness of 25 and 40 mm.

Gabriela Tomková, JECH CZ s.r.o.:
We rank among regular exhibitors at MOBITEX and, moreover, we have a brand store in Brno. Customers return to our stand because they are happy with our products and want to buy more. The same applies to us, we are satisfied with the Brno fair, for the company is always successful. In addition, we organize business meetings here and a number of end-customers come to us. We have been satisfied with this year‘s fair again.

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