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23.-26.4. 2014

International Fair for Furniture and Interior Design

MOBITEX 2014 in figures


Statistical data*

Number of companies 674 from 20 countries around the world
of which at the MOBITEX fair 116 from 5 countries around the world

Net exhibition space 20 411 m2
of which the MOBITEX fair 3 135 m2

Number of visitors 43 223 from 24 countries around the world


* Joint statistical data of the MOBITEX, Building Fairs Brno, and ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST, URBIS TECHNOLOGIE fairs and SC EDEN 3000.

Final report to download:


What was said about the fairs

Eva Dutková, Marketing Communication Manager, ABB s.r.o., Elektro-Praga:
We are satisfied with our presentation at the fair, we were visited by a number of people. As always, we used this fair to hold a series of business meetings, strengthen the contacts and start new ones. Brno is a good opportunity to introduce innovations, this year we introduced home audio and video telephones and new switches and sockets with various design and replaceable covers. The fair shows that these will be in great demand as they offer a modern design at a reasonable price.

Pavel Vašek, Doors Sales Manager, Šimbera:
Our exhibition stand was visited by a large number of people, which was a nice surprise. The company takes part in the fair in Brno every year and we are satisfied with it – I can only speak highly of it. We also used the fair for discussions with our business partners, to whom we introduced various types of doors with new surface treatment. I can say that our products enjoyed great interest.

Petra Trefilová, marketing, Tondach Česká republika s.r.o.:
Besides other things, the fair is also a social event and therefore we invited a number of our business partners. This year, our exhibition stand was visited by lots of end users. It seems that the fair shows that the building industry starts picking up, although this situation was mainly caused by warm weather. Naturally, the fair was a good opportunity to introduce our innovation – Figaro 11. In fact, it is a roof tile which is flat and this type was previously imported only from Austria. It was in high demand and therefore the company developed a similar product and will launch its sale in the second half of the year.

Pavel Šimek, designing, DOMY D.N.E.S.:
We were satisfied, services and facilities were perfect as usual, the fair was a benefit for us. We establish a number of contacts with end users, the outcomes of discussions will only be evaluated at a later date. The interest in timber-frame structures is generally on the rise , which was also shown in Brno. It also proves that people are still not able to find their way through the offer.

Veronika Šimková, HK-DŘESTAV:
Our stand was visited by a large number of people, we are satisfied with our participation at the IBF fair. This was probably affected by the perfect location where we had our stand constructed. We were satisfied throughout the fair, as our timber-frame structures enjoyed great interest of the visitors. We have business representation throughout the country and therefore we were happy to invite our colleagues from our branch offices to Brno.

Břetislav Lacina, executive, VARIO VILA s.r.o.:
In Brno, we established promising contacts with end customers. We introduced a new insulation material in the CR, it is loose cellulose wadding insulation (blown insulation), Thermofloc, that was in high demand in  Brno. It is also applied in the reconstruction of prefabricated and residential houses. The fair was successful for the company.

Radek Brychta, Chairman of the Cluster of Czech Furniture Makers:
The fair was beneficial both for the cluster and for our members. We opened a consulting and advisory centre at our stand where anyone interested could get information about Czech furniture manufactures, get to know the products of our members and find out how to choose quality furniture.  The cluster companies must always present themselves at such prestigious events.

Jaroslav Frantál, Business Manager, BÖHM:
The company is satisfied with Mobitex every year, we are the only exhibitor attending every single edition. We always get ready for this event, and therefore we are also satisfied after this fair. This is about establishing a good approach to the customers and organising all kinds of fair events and presenting innovations there.  Of course, we also invited our business partners here to discuss future steps of product sales. We are happy that we could introduce our new product ELASTIC in practice. 

René Cígler, representation for the CR and SR, Kuchyně Schmidt:
As usual, we used the fair to successfully introduce our innovations. It was mainly kitchens will built in appliances - new hobs, built-in dryers and washing machines, refrigerators and kitchen sinks. The advantage of the kitchens is that the cupboards can be standardised to suit the customer’s requirements. Visitors were also interested in kitchen delivery as we make their designs for free. Services at the fair were excellent, as usual. We invited many business partners to Brno as well as our long-term customers.

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