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23.-27.4. 2013

International Fair for Furniture and Interior Design

Brand new trade fair DSB – Timber and Construction Fair Brno already in April!


The first edition of the DSB fair - Timber and Construction Brno - will provide a number of presentations on timber structures, construction, materials for timber construction, foundations, and cladding for timber structures. The presented topics will be supplemented by a supporting programme and an exhibition of timber mounted houses in Building Centre Eden 3000 in the vicinity of the Brno Exhibition Centre. The supporting programme at the trade fair can be generally entitled a Way to Timber Construction and it will intrigue both the experts and the general public. The world of timber construction will be introduced by true experts, such as Doc. Ing. Petr Kuklík CSc from Czech Technical University in Prague. The supporting programme is thematically grouped so that on the first trade fair day the visitors will get all necessary information to take a decision on a timber house construction, the second day will inform the visitors how to do it, including sources of funds and what it is like to live in a timber house. The third day is then dedicated to an area that might be generally described as what it should look like.


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