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24.-28.4. 2012

International Fair for Furniture and Interior Design

Inspiring Interiors Design Concept

The 2012 Inspiring Interiors Project is a loose follow-up to the Architekt project. Besides consulting services provided by interior architects and interior design studios it should also include a real demonstration of how to work with space, and specific exhibits of the exhibiting firms.

The objective of the projects is to introduce potential interior designs to the general public through the addressed interior architects using prevailingly the production of firms that present themselves at the trade fair .

Thus, another option of presenting at the trade fair opens up for the firms in addition to standard exhibits.

This is an opportunity for the architects and interior design studios to present themselves + possibility of providing professional consulting services to the general public (a consulting point with Internet access)

To promote the project in the media and make it visible on the BVV website , web pages of the interior design studios and firms presenting themselves. PR articles to address selected magazines ( Moderní byt, Bydlení, Domov, Architekt, …… )

The whole project will be supported by BVV along with the individual architects.

The following companies and interior design studios have enrolled in the project to date:
Maniac Interiér, MoMo Interiér, Interiérové studio Ritzy, 3D-arch, ViewArt ,

  • project location: central part of hall G1
  • exhibition implementation: organised by BVV ( partition walls , energies, lighting + flooring )
  • interior implementation : organised by the contacted interior architects and interior design studios
  • Project size:
    alternative A – four up to six smaller size modules approx. 20 m2 each
    alternative B – ( flats ) – four large-size modules approx. 60 – 80 m2 each

Implementation of prototype rooms ( flats ) primarily from the production of the companies presenting their exhibits at the Mobitex 2012 trade fair. Commercially exhibiting firms with a min. size of 30 m2 are granted free participation, the participation of other firms is charged at an amount as per the Mobitex 2012 trade fair price list.

Time schedule

selection and contacting of firms

delivery of supporting data of the interior design studios (architects) for PR and the website

delivery of a drawn up design of the specific modules

delivery of supporting data of exhibiting furniture manufacturers


trade fair event
24. – 28.04.2012

8. – 30.04.2012

Contact person:
René Jurčík
Tel: +420 54115 2997
Mobile: +420 602 750268
e-mail: rjurcik@atlas.cz


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