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24.-28.4. 2012

International Fair for Furniture and Interior Design

Preliminary final report of MOBITEX


MOBITEX International fair of furniture and interior design was held concurrently with the Brno Building Fairs. After a year it was again a place where news from the world of furniture and interior are launched on the market. The fair was attended by 809 exhibitors from 19 countries and 60,000 visitors from 31 countries around the world viewed them, although this year no building machines were presented. Over 70% of visitors planned a renovation or construction of a house or a change in the interior for next year.

MOBITEX – a place for inspiration and free advice
MOBITEX International Fair of Furniture and Interior Design brought a traditionally concentrated presentation of furniture and interior fittings. Prominent manufacturers of quality furniture introduced their latest news and trends for this season. Exhibitors’ offer was complemented by interesting projects supporting design, independent professional advisory centres for the selection of quality Czech furniture. We must not forget the Inspirational Interiors project, which presented inspiration for the interior work and exhibitors’ furniture.

Inspiration from MOBITEX
This year's special project was called Inspirational Interiors, which presented a real demonstration of how you can work not only with space, but also with individual exhibits of the exhibiting companies. Individual exhibition spaces were fully furnished, presented for instance a colourful living room, bedroom or kitchen. You can enjoy and draw inspiration from some of these companies: Hon, Hanák nábytek, Jech CZ, Jelínek - výroba nábytku, Schmidt kuchyně, H – interiér, Alnus, Klvaňa, B.M.B. Ždánice or Nadop.

Hot news from the world of design
A brand new project called NEW DESIGN featured a unique platform for the presentation of new design on the Czech market. From all the companies involved, we can mention Franke, GAZEL, HANÁK NÁBYTEK, HON, RIM or TRACHEA. Other projects supporting traditional design included the GRAND PRIX MOBITEX competition, which features exhibitor and student sections.

GRAND PRIX Mobitex is a traditional competition, which evaluates the exhibits in the categories of progressive design and advanced technology. In the progressive design category, the first prize went to Hanák nábytek with their Hdeco furniture exhibit, which is a comprehensive set of interior features with excellent shape solutions and first class workmanship. The second place was taken by RIM INTERIORS with their exhibit named RIM- PLAY&WORK CONCEPT, which is a fresh solution of a student desk with excellent details and interesting graphic applications. Third place was taken by dAra interiér, with an exhibit of an originally designed survivors calidus heater manufactured by TRIVERO radiators. In the advanced materials / technology category the first prize went to Vespera with their Hespera chair with a unique technology of 3D veneers bending in furniture production. Second prize was awarded to Hanák furniture for the PARIS interior door, namely for a progressive application of veneers for the production of interior doors and door frames. Third place went to the Nadop company for Hawa - CONSEPTA door, with a practical application of the plug door in the kitchen furniture. Special awards for outstanding business concept and complexity of the production programme went to the company Hanák.

The awards ceremony of MOBITEX GRAND PRIX 2012 - Student Section competition - took place on the first day of the International exhibition of furniture and interior design MOBITEX pavilion in Brno in G1. The competition was entered by 62 authors from six professional schools. The winner of the GRAND PRIX MOBITEX 2012, the exhibit called Tamashii Dining armchair, was designed by Anna Štěpánková. The committee appreciated the innovative use of traditional techniques. Second place went to Barborka hanger. The author of the design Hana Culková is from the Mendel University in Brno, Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat. The committee assessed non-traditional design with a distinctive shape solution. The third award of the fair went to Veronica Chomičová from J.E.Purkyně University in Usti nad Labem for her sifter project – Dumbbell condiment container. The committee has assessed the shape produced of traditional material. Given that the quality of student works was at a very high level this year, the committee decided to award one extra special prize. It went to an upholstered seating element named Lusk (the Pod), by Radka Šrámková from the Mendel University in Brno, Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat. The committee appreciated the playful elements in the seat concept in a  fabric covering.

The largest plasma TV screen in the world
The STUDIO JASYKO stand was presenting the largest plasma TV in the world with a diagonal of 386 cm. This commercial Panasonic TH-152UX1 is designed for home cinema. The presented home cinema includes B & W 800 Diamond speakers with diamond tweeters, Classe amplifiers, and Crestron control system for smart homes. The price of this television is CZK 15 million and 1 million for a stand.

Good advice is better that gold – and is given free here
Only at the Brno Building Fairs and MOBITEX fair, visitors had the opportunity to build a whole house, including furnishing under the guidance of experienced independent experts. Advice was provided free in all areas of construction, technical building systems and interior. Frequently asked questions mostly focused on the selection of appropriate building materials, technology processes, saving not only money but also energy. The selection of a suitable paint or interior furnishings were also of interest. This year’s novelty consisted of a Consumer Defence Association of South Moravia consultation centre.

Quotes about the fairs:

Ing. Martin Čudka, president, Czech Furniture Producer Association
The International fair of furniture and interior design MOBITEX brought a dignified presentation of established firms. In addition, it offered a presentation space for start-up projects, supported student works, and introduced many interesting design news. The synergy of the established with the experimental offers a recipe for the demonized crisis. The present time is primarily about destroying the myths that cheaper is better.

Ing. Radek Brychta, chairman, Czech Furniture Cluster:
In my opinion, MOBITEX is part to the Czech furniture industry. One can see it because it many members of the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers and the Association of Czech Furniture exhibit here and you can see they return to Brno again. Members of our cluster especially appreciate the concept change in the fair, which started three years ago, it is a happy option along with the building fair. We will be continue to support Mobitex fair as before.   

Ing. Helena Prokopová, guild master, Upholsterers and Decorators Guild
Experts from the Upholsterers and Decorators Guild provided free advice on selection of appropriate seating and sleeping furniture at the Mobitex 2012 fair, we also introduced innovations in upholstery and decoration. Our consultation centre was visited by large numbers of visitors, whom we then directed to other exhibitors’ stands.

Ing. Stanislav Hanák, owner, Hanák nábytek, a.s.:
We came to Mobitex to present our entire range, because we are manufacturers of whole interiors, not just kitchens, as we are still perceived in the subconscious of the customers. We have developed our production of living rooms, wardrobe systems and interior doors. The fair is on a high level and we were satisfied, there was a crowd at our stand throughout the fair. We won three awards for our products, including a design award.

Ing. Arch. Karel Nedbal, NADOP:
The fair went very well for our company, we have exhibited a lot of innovations, such as interesting hinges, new materials, new trends in colours, lighting, etc. That is why a part of our exhibition is in a luxury finish – varnish, veneer, artificial stone. The second part is devoted to the cheaper versions. This system was a good choice at this year's MOBITEX. The whole exhibition was met with great interest. We are pleased to exhibit together with the Brno Building Fairs and we will again participate next year of course. This year we also had some success in the competition, we received a GRAND PRIX MOBITEX award.

Michal Jakubec, Jasyko:
I evaluate the MOBITEX Fair very positively, attendance at our stand was great, even the weather was success. We have secured the right group of visitors together with the PR department of the exhibition centre. In terms of trade, we will evaluate the fair after several weeks, since the products we offer are very expensive. But we did get several serious candidates for our high-end products at the fair. Next year we will come back to the fair with technical innovations to attract many new customers, after the experience of this year we will probably have a larger exhibition area.

Ing. Radek Štencl, production director, BMB, spol. s r.o.:
I looked at the Hall G1, there are beautiful exhibition spaces there. Visitors evaluated our stand positively, the organization of the fair is also very good. We will evaluate the commercial aspects in the coming months. As far as participation and attendance, we were satisfied.

Jaroslav Frantál, business director, BOHM – Jitona a.s.:
Exhibition stands are located in a beautiful pavilion G. Our exhibition inspired visitors, they were asking about our novelties, they asked us for materials used for modern interiors. We are satisfied with our participation in the fair.

René Cígler, representative for the Czech and Slovak Republics, Kuchyně Schmidt:
We presented high-quality kitchens at the fair. We are satisfied with the quality of the fair, we got many new contacts. Of course we used this nice environment to meet with our business clients. We participate regularly in MOBITEX and we are planning to take part next year.


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