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The 42nd Minerals Brno exhibition will take place in November

Since April, when the management of our company decided to postpone the date of our MINERALS BRNO exhibition to the end of June, we have made every effort during this coronavirus period so that we could organize this absolutely exceptional summer edition together with you. Whether  negotiations with the government or with the Regional Public Health Authority, we have been looking for options and solutions to comply with all ordered measures, we were inquiring about the interest in a new date among you – the exhibitors. We were looking forward to new stages of eased measures. We wished we could organize an exhibition for you, albeit on a smaller scale and with certain restrictions as we announced. The interest from you has been huge.

Unfortunately, the times are still very uncertain. And we cannot lead you or ourselves into this business instability. Therefore, on the basis of all meetings of the management of Brno Trade Fairs, it has been decided to ultimately CANCEL the new June date.

The reasons that led us to this are clear. To date, the government of the Czech Republic has only permitted 300 people at mass events, which still includes trade fairs and exhibitions. We are discussing their separation, but no decision has been made yet. The proposed release and permission for gatherings of 1000 people per event at a given moment, which could come into force on 22 June 2020, would already be acceptable for the organization of Minerals Brno. We would be able to monitor and correct this number of visitors and exhibitors in Hall B. We are equipped and ready for that. But with the current easing, we face legitimate fears if the government will truly increase the limit on the number of people. The eventual cancellation of the event a week before its start, which could occur, would be completely frivolous, unprofessional and uneconomical for everyone.

Dear exhibitors, enthusiasts and experts in the field of mineralogy and in all its branches, thank you once again for your trust and support. We hope that you will keep us in you favour, because we are already looking forward to seeing you at the autumn MINERALS BRNO exhibition, which will take place from 21 to 22 November 2020.

Date: 1 Jun 2020 13:39:00

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