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17.-18.11. 2012

27th International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products

Minerals Brno 2012

A record-breaking number of exhibitors have registered for Minerals Brno 2012


Interest in the Minerals Brno exhibition is increasing; there are over 160 exhibitors currently registered, which is 30 percent more than last year.

Number of exhibitors registered for Minerals Brno is still the highest in the history of this show. There are over 160 exhibitors currently registered, which is about one-third more than in 2011. Over 20% of the exhibitors come from abroad.

Visitors to the exhibition Minerals Brno will mainly enjoy a wide range of jewelry and refined gemstones; other products, including decorative items and home accessories, will be available for purchase. The exhibition will also feature the production of creative jewelry directly on the show floor including a workshop for children, handmade wire jewelry, exotic jewelry from Peru made of high-grade silver and jewels made of the precious larimar stone from the Dominican Republic.

 The supporting exhibition of Minerals Brno is dedicated this year to precious stones from the Czech Republic. Visitors coming to Hall B at the Brno Exhibition Centre will become familiar with various types of Czech and Moravian precious stones and will have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about precious stones that are or were found in the Czech Republic. Visitors can also look forward to a competition for prizes in the field of precious metals and precious stones and products made of them.


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