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Podlaha surgical days
9.-10.10. 2017

X Podlaha surgical days
XI Interactive congress of wound healing

Instructions for preparing abstracts


Please send the abstract in MS Word Document (*. doc) to these email addresses: bknopova@bvv.cz or iklugarova@bvv.cz, following to these instructions:

File name: Surname_lecture title.doc
Range: Max. 3000 characters with spaces
Margins: top 2.5 cm; bottom 2.5 cm; left 2.5 cm; right 2.5 cm
Font type: Times New Roman
Line spacing: 1

Abstract title: font size 12, capital letters, bold
Author(s): font size 12, regular type, (abbreviation of the first name and complete surname without titles, in the order selected by authors, underline the presenting author)
Workplace: font size 12, Italic font
Main text: size 12, regular font
The structure divided into: introduction, methods, results, conclusion

Deadline for submission of abstracts: until 30st July 2017

Literature quotations are not recommended and should be used only when absolutely necessary.
Pictures or graphs are not recommended.

If the paper was supported (e.g. by a grant), it is possible to state this fact below the abstract (font size 12, italic font).

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Podlaha surgical days


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