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28.2. - 2.3. 2012

International Fair of Equipment for Retail Trade, Hotels and Catering Facilities

Cutting-edge technology in action


Although we primarily associate the food fairs with final products, ever larger areas are being occupied by suppliers of technologies, including the most illustrious brands. Hall P, which is the largest exhibition hall not only at the Brno Exhibition Centre, but also throughout Central Europe, will turn into a presentation centre of the latest technology and technology units across trade fairs and disciplines.

Take for example RETIGO, a domestic producer of large ovens and other equipment for gastronomy and food production, who prepared an absolute novelty for their presentation at INTECO 2012 – a professional holdomat. It is a device for low temperature cooking and keeping food and meals at a temperature, corresponding to the current trends of modern gastronomy. RETIGO export their top products to the whole world and they will also be promoted at INTECO by "The Italian in the Kitchen", Emanuele Ridi, known from TV Prima cooking show.

The largest showcase of modern baking technology and baking equipment will be featured at MBK fair, where companies such as Omega CZ, Kornfeil, Backaldrin or Allmond will be presenting. The Swedish company Revent International will show the revolutionary technology of vacuum cooling, which saves time and improves the quality of bakery and confectionery production. Thermal processes that occur during cooling in a vacuum chamber allow to shorten the cooking time depending on the product to a third, which is positively reflected in the economy of operation and work productivity. Revent will also show off their best seller in Brno – a double-rack rotating oven, Revent 724, which is used by 90% of all hotels in Las Vegas.

Pekass will also come to Brno with an innovation, as a company who represents MIWE, the world's largest manufacturer of ovens on the Czech market. Probably the most economical rotary oven is suitable for example for chain stores, petrol stations, etc., where it can provide operators with a competitive advantage by always fresh baked goods without unnecessary energy costs.


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