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IDET 2021
9.-11.6. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair



WB GROUP, largest private defense contractor in Poland, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art systems which integrate communication, unmanned aerial systems, loitering munitions and fire control subsystems into robust and agile integrated solutions that deliver enhanced capabilities to vehicle and weapon systems platforms, as well as dismounted warfighters. The Company innovates and develops cutting-edge technological solutions needed to address modern and multi-domain conflicts and critical infrastructures security.

The Group offers state-of-the-art solutions for international armed forces in the following areas:

  • observation & reconnaissance systems
  • communications, command and battlefield management systems
  • fire control systems
  • strike systems
  • IT and cybersecurity systems
  • service, support & modernization of the military equipment
  • e-mobility solutions

The key advantage of the systems offered by the GROUP is their modularity and scalability. This allows a great number of WB GROUP’s products configurations, making it a comprehensive suite of tools for a multi-domain battlefield management in accordance with user expectations.

The group focuses on innovation and on development of cutting-edge technological solutions. The business philosophy assumed by the group is expressed in its product offering, which includes globally unique solutions deployed in the most demanding markets.

Technologies offered by the WB GROUP are based on years of expertise gained during operation of group’s solutions implemented in Polish armed forces as well as on long-term cooperation with the most demanding customers all over the world. This makes the WB GROUP today the largest Polish exporter of military technologies serving customers in dozens of countries, including US.

Proprietary solutions, which define standards not only in Poland but also globally, are the source of WB GROUP successes on the global market of military systems.

As a global company, WB GROUP has offices and technological centers in the most developed regions all over the globe. From Asia and the Middle East, to the US, the Group employs over 1200 people, more than a half of whom are engineers and R&D staff.


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Date: 2 May 2019 14:38:00

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9.–11. 6. 2021

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