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IDET 2021
9.-11.6. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

RETIA, a.s.


Intercom Workstation Server is a universal workstation intended for Fire Distribution Centre (FDC) and Tactical Operation Centre (TOC) crews. IWS has been designed as a useful component of the Czech Armed Forces GBAD Units command and control system. IWS can be implemented not only as an integrated container component but also as a deployable workstation. In real time IWS supports the C2 functions and also enables displaying ground and air situation.

3D technology
RETIA developed the S-band 3D radar and offered the international cooperation on the project to V4 countries. The significant characteristics of the radar are a fully monopulse antenna array and digital solid state TR modules based on GaN (gallium nitride) transistors technology.

At present, RETIA company along with a strategic foreign partner is preparing to participate in the tender of the Czech Ministry of Defence for radars of MADR type. This cooperation would result in partial production and know-how transfer to the Czech Republic. RETIA would participate in the joint project with deliveries of key components of the S-band 3D radar (T/R modules, C2I, container).

ReDat® Recording System
ReDat® Recording System provides a complex customer service solution of record and quality management. It helps to improve agents' and dispatchers' skills. RETIA's solution reduces training costs and thus helps to improve customer relations and services. ReDat® holds a certified trade-mark of the company RETIA, a.s.


Date: 14 Jan 2015 10:42:00

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