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IDET 2021
9.-11.6. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

LOM Praha s.p.


LOM PRAHA state enterprise provides a comprehensive range of services for civil and military Mi-2/8/17/24/35/171 helicopter operators from maintenance, repairs and overhauls including overhauls of engines  TV3-117 and gearboxes VR-14/24, to sophisticated modernizations of helicopter systems. As part of its training center in Pardubice, LOM PRAHA provides combat training to air force pilots including basic, advanced and combat  flight training on fixed and rotary aircraft, and tactical simulation training of combat situations. All services provided by LOM PRAHA are certified in direct cooperation with manufacturers and in compliance  with international civil and military standards including NATO standards. High added value of the products supplied is guaranteed by the capability to create a synergy between robust eastern aviation  technology and high quality western avionics. LOM PRAHA know-how, which has been developing since 1915, comes down to the ability to create a repair center onsite according to customer needs, including the provision of staff training.

LOM PRAHA keeps its global significance thanks to the production and support of unique piston aerobatic engines M132, M137, M332, and M337. LOM PRAHA subsidiary VR Group develops and produces  sophisticated simulation technologies for air and ground forces.

Date: 20 Jan 2015 14:24:00

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