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29.-31.5. 2019

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

IDET 2017 will present news from defence and security technology


Most modern infantry fighting vehicle in the world CV90, a new protective service pistol from the Czech arms factory, paratrooper training simulator SOKOLTM or special robots for exploration in difficult terrain. This is just a small part of all the innovations whose presentation has been announced in advance by exhibitors of the 14th International IDET trade fair.

This year's IDET is being prepared at a time of increased investment in the military and security sector. Therefore the exhibitors’ offer will be not only broad but also very attractive, as evidenced by the already pre-announced novelties by some exhibitors.

The exhibition space of GLOMEX Military Supplies will also introduce helmet systems by OpsCore. New items will include helmets from the SENTRY and FAST series. Both series offer a significantly lighter LE ballistic option (LAW ENFORCEMENT), which is intended mainly for riot police and other state authorities. Of course there are also system components, such as ballistic and splinter plates, protection of the lower jaw, ballistic ear protection, RAC communication set and other accessories. GLOMEX Military Supplies have traditionally exhibited low profile night vision goggles AN / PVS-21, designed by Steiner eOptics for special forces. This year, these glasses are presented with an additional COTM thermal module (Clip-on thermal module), which guarantees the detection of heat traces not only in the dark but also in smoke, fog and other harsh climatic conditions, while maintaining IR (InfraRed) capabilities. The COTM module also can use data imaging (maps, photos or videos) from commonly used external data sources with SVGA, VGA, NTSC, PAL resolution.

Visitors will definitely not miss the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle in the exhibition space of the German company PSM. BVP PUMA, thanks to its design and new versions, is considered the best and most modern BVP currently established in NATO. PUMA is able to effectively operate in urban environments and also offers a wide range of modifications. PUMA is a combat vehicle principally designed as BVP for operations within NATO and suppresses any complicating national peculiarities. However, it is also possible to easily implement requirements of national customers while maintaining full interoperability within NATO or smaller groups, such as V-4 etc.

The exhibition stand of BAE Systems will feature CV90 – the most widely used and produced infantry fighting vehicle in the world. It was developed as a model range of vehicles characterized by a high degree of mobility and operability on any terrain, high durability and high firepower, including defence against airborne means of combat. The platform is being continually evolved and modernized, and so among 1300 vehicles sold to date to seven countries there are 11 different vehicle variants. Due to the relatively lightweight frame the CV90 is able to manoeuvre on the battlefield better than traditional tanks; the version CV90120 armed with 120 mm cannon even equals tanks in firepower.

In the category of transport vehicles, the offer will be extended by the ALFAVARIA Group. Their custom-made multipurpose pull-out containers for pick-up vehicles are an innovative solution for utility vehicle storage space; the floor boxes are lockable, weather resistant and can be pulled out 100%. Furthermore, the company will also offer built-in elements for cars and various types of mobile service garages – temporary, self-contained service centres for maintenance and repairs for land, air and naval forces.

The state enterprise VOP CZ will bring a multifunctional loader and tool carrier DAPPER MILITARY to Brno. This versatile helper for any work uses a lifting telescopic arm to handle tools, equipped with a universal terminal for connecting additional fixtures such as shovels, snow blowers, rotary mowers, etc. Another interesting exhibit is an automated robotic ground system TAROS V2 intended for combat and logistical support for mechanized, reconnaissance and special units in complex operating environments with high risks.

Automated robotic ground system TAROS V2 is designed in a modular way, and thus its individual 4x4 and 2x2 modules can be assembled into a robotic vehicle TAROS V2 in configurations 4×4/6×6/8×8 with the possibility of retrofitting with components of a broad spectrum of accessories, both weapons as well as robotic and sensory systems. The exhibition will also include KERBEROS 3D VISION – a globally unique system developed specifically for surface inspection of motor vehicles chassis at the entrance to a protected area. This system allows for automatic detecting of potential terrorist and sabotage attacks, as well as various spying equipment.

The area of aviation technology will be represented e.g. by the První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš offering turbine engines that hold a privileged position in the world in terms of the parameter weight ratio. Besides TJ100 and TJ40 turbojet engines they will also exhibit a novelty - in the past year they completed the development of a new small TJ80 jet engine, which is designed for missiles, drone targets and UAVs.

The state enterprise LOM Praha will present themselves at the fair as a principal repair plant for Mi helicopters and their aggregates in the NATO countries and the EU, with a closed repairs cycle. They offer comprehensive services for the complete life cycle support of Mi helicopters as well as modernization of these machines; they also provide flight training for pilots in the Air Training Centre in Pardubice and tactical training in the tactical simulation centre. The VR Group subsidiary focuses on manufacturing simulators and simulation technology for aircraft, helicopters and ground forces.

IDET exhibitors will also include the company OMNIPOL as a global supplier and integrator of defence, security and aerospace systems. The wide range of products offered contains a new subsonic jet trainer L-39NG and related services as a joint project of OMNIPOL and AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE. Other products offered include turboprop aircraft L 410 UVP-E20 for special missions, systems for border monitoring and other solutions in the field of defence and security. They will share a stand together with their subsidiary, ERA, which provides solutions for airspace control of military bases based on multilateration, and a unique passive system VERA-NG for air defence and border protection. Recently ERA has expanded its portfolio of C2 (command and control) ERIS system for the military command and control units and a 3R system (Record and Replay InvestigatoR) for continuous data recording for working military air traffic controllers.

T-CZ Company is developing a precision landing radar RP-6PA with modern technology for navigation and landing of aircraft in bad weather conditions or reduced visibility. It is intended primarily for military use, and to aid in guiding a damaged aircraft. The system with an electronically phased antenna was developed in collaboration with an Indian partner and has successfully passed military tests. Another example of successful development activities of the company is a new NTP server – a highly accurate and affordable time reference source, supporting all global time synchronization systems GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo).

Modernization of aircraft and airport facilities are the focus of MESIT, a company that also develops and manufactures wireless tactical communication systems to support command and control of military operations and provides voice and data services with high-tech radio communication. Based on the needs of modern armies, the company develops new products to increase security: tactical speakers, speakerphone PA systems and radio monitors.

Interesting products for the monitoring and protection will be exhibited by EVPÚ Defence. Stationary monitoring systems of the SIRIUS series can be used for monitoring and surveillance of critical sites such as national borders, airports, oil refineries, power plants etc.; the radius of detecting a person is up to 20 km. The monitoring system in the BMS- MIRA 42 box is designed to protect vehicles against unwanted intrusion and SeeCheck - "Screech-owl" is an imaging system designed particularly for monitoring the near vicinity of a vehicle or vehicles or to protect the landing during the day or night.

Devices for day and night observation, systems for determining the exact position of the target and reconnaissance robots will be introduced by NIDES. Their STERNA digital viewing station is equipped with a gyroscope; it works reliably even in strong and changing magnetic environment and is destined for the fulfilment of tasks of forward artillery, aerial observers etc. A tEODor heavy robot with its outstanding throughput, robust construction, manoeuvrability, high sensitivity, accuracy and fluency of arm movement can be used for handling various objects. Medium-size Telemax robot is equipped with four independently controlled belts with excellent throughput even in the toughest terrain, buildings and such. A unique principle of TCP arm control (Tool Centre Point) allows their control much like a human hand. A small robot COBRA MK2 is designed especially for exploration in confined spaces such as pipes or caves and also to explore the chassis of motor vehicles.

Meopta Systems also applied to participate: a specialist in optical products, they offer the highest quality optical products destined for both the individual soldier, as well as armoured fighting vehicles of various types. Their last year's supply references include optics for the next stage of the Czech Army rearmament to BREN.

The Dcom company will exhibit effective means of team communication by Hytera, the second largest manufacturer of professional radio equipment in the world. Their radio stations and dispatching systems offer communications on a vast territory and calls secured against monitoring with up to 256-bit encryption. Data transfer including GPS is supported together with text messaging and telemetry. Hytera do not offer only radios, but complete solutions, which also contain dispatching applications with the integration of various communication technologies, including the interconnection of mobile phones and radio networks.

News from the field of information protection and security will be presented by the company MARKET.sk & SIGINT.sk. The T-Gorilla unit delivers comprehensive protection against communication monitoring and also serves as a complete prevention and protection against industrial espionage. ELIDE FIRE is a fully automatic fire extinguishing system with activation during an unattended fire. When exposed to an open flame, it activates itself and reliably extinguishes the fire, thus simply and effectively reducing the risk of fire while effectively facing a fire if it occurs.

Maintenance of fire-extinguishing systems in armoured vehicles will be offered by EAF protect who, among other things, completed the intensive development of an extinguisher for civil and military aviation as required by the standards issued by the EASA European Aviation Safety Agency.

Safety technology is the domain of HOLOMÝ company. They bring a warning LED light kit VNT 012LU-BbwbbwbB-TM6--AL-1089/60 to IDET, homologated for two levels of light intensity, and a new series of electronic AZD 400 sirens with digital bus communication.

A perfect glare-free lighting of a space will be provided by an exhibit of the company MIPESA. The advantages of LED lighting balloons YANMAR / LIGHT BOY include high light output, adjustable light intensity, easy operation and low power consumption. At the exhibition stand, visitors can also view a new range of extremely rugged PELI AIR suitcases that are up to 40 percent lighter than standard PELI cases while maintaining the properties and a lifetime guarantee.

Masking is the focus of B.O.I.S. – Filters, a company that will offer trade fair visitors multispectral camouflage nets with a modular structure that allows joining several pieces to achieve the required size; also multispectral mobile camouflage designed for vehicles and permeable NBC protective disguises to protect skin against vapours, aerosols and droplets of chemical warfare, radioactive dust or biologically active particles.

Interesting exhibits for decontamination will be introduced by PTV.  An interior decontamination system LDV-X with unique output is designed for efficient, effective and rapid critical infrastructure protection and decontamination of large volumes. A special decontamination / detoxification nozzle SANIJETGUN serves in combating CBRN warfare agents and can be used at temperatures up to 90 ° C. The decontamination system for sensitive surfaces SX-34 is used on control panels, detectors, aircraft and vehicle dashboards, personal belongings and weapons.

IDET cannot of course miss weapons and ammunition exhibits. Česká zbrojovka will introduce CZ P-10 C here; an absolute novelty in the "striker fired" segment guns for personal protection and for armed forces in a compact size. This defence and service pistol features high reliability, durability and a sophisticated shot coping, which is influenced by unique checkering and an excellent grip designed with a new ergonomic DiFEND methodology. The exhibitions will also introduce CZ SCORPION EVO 3 – the latest 9mm machine gun used by intervention units and armies around the world – and a CZ BREN 2 weapon system as a comprehensive solution for the armed forces.

E.sigma group has been focusing on integrated training solutions for over 30 years; their specialized software and modular simulation platform are easily applicable to various types of training centres. At IDET, they will present SOKOLTM parachute training simulator that offers comprehensive multi-stage training for both beginners as well as experienced skydivers and special and amphibious units.

The trade fair offer will also include field kitchens. The company AGADOS will introduce the first new Czech product in this category after 60 years - a mobile field kitchen PK 4 (Kaga). Thanks to its modular design, this field kitchen trailer system can be adapted to culinary customs of any group of users; the modules are made of high quality steel and the chassis allows movement through difficult terrain.

KÄRCHER exhibition stand will present an electrical mobile kitchen for quick deployment KRR 50 E. A multifunctional modular kitchen can be used both in the field and in enclosed spaces, and thanks to the modular design can be expanded for larger events. Compact transport dimensions of one and a half pallet allow transporting the system in almost all vans.

Also EXPLOSIA have announced their news for IDET. A new kind of plastic explosive Semtex 90 uses silicone-based binder, which guarantees the stability of the material even at high temperature changes. Compared with the existing Semtex plastic explosives it also guarantees 20 percent higher efficiency.

There have been even more novelties announced, for example, the company AURA is going to present the latest software for military logistics, the company Aliter Technologies will exhibit new tactical communications equipment while TENEO want to show certified connectors tailored to the needs of the Army. Traditional major participants will also include the state company Military research institute or the company Sellier & Bellot who have running ammunition production continuously since 1825.

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