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IDET 2021
9.-11.6. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

Glomex Military Supplies


Camouflage colors CAMMO PAINT

Camouflage color Cammo Paint is a new product of Glomex Military Supplies.

It is a non-reflective camouflage color based on resin with high density pigment and abrasion resistance corresponding to European standards. It is ideal for rapid coating of variable surfaces such as metal, plastic, textiles, stone or wood. Quick-drying varnish is applied easily; just remove all dirt, grease or rust from surfaces and spray on in two layers in 15-minute intervals. Paint Remover is also available in spray can. The colors are distributed in a volume of 400 ml sprays, or in a 5l canisters for larger applications.

Low-profile night vision goggles with thermal MODULE COTM

Low-profile night vision goggles AN/PVS-21 were designed to cover aggressive operational missions in air, water and on land. Patented low profile enables wider range of operational applications than conventional night vision devices, such as operations in difficult terrain, on vehicles at high speeds, urban or airborne operations.

A new feature is an auxiliary Thermal Module (COTM), which allows the use of shortwave and longwave infrared bands in one system. Various spectral bands offer unique benefits to users: NIR system with intensification of the image allows high resolution, excellent target identification and capability for observation through the glass. System of thermal display allows user to see combat area over obstacles such as smoke or fog, and provides superior target detection even in environments with zero ambient light.

Small and lightweight COTM enables users of AN/PVS-21 rapid transition to a dual-band system, with all the advantages of the thermal channels and reinforced display, as well as a function of the use of color HUD (Heads-Up Display) display, offering SVGA, VGA, NTSC or PAL external video connection.

Date: 20 Jan 2015 14:24:00

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