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IDET 2021
26.-28.5. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

EVPÚ Defence a.s.


Gunner and commander sight CRANE is a multi-sensor electro-optical container developed for integration into remotely controlled weapon stations. For short, middle and long range applications to target objects. Primary it can be used on weapon stations but due its versatility it can also be mounted on armored vehicles, tanks or turrets.

Remote controlled weapon stations & turrets EVPÚ also designs and produces remote controlled weapon stations and turrets with optical container and gyroscopic stabilization. The system is remotely controlled and is designed for use on light wheeled/tracked armoured and fighting vehicles. Primarily the system is a part of the battle superstructure of vehicles designed for completion of fighting and special tasks within the field formation of friendly troops or in depth of the enemy field formation.

New CMS-1 is a multi-sensor electro-optical system developed as a commander sight. All optical sensors are mounted on a gyro-stabilized pan and tilt positioner, allowing a commander to have a clear view on surrounding terrain. There are three types of sensors – for day/night vision and LRF. Day vision is provided by a zoom camera with a color and B/W mode. Night vision is provided by a cooled thermal camera. Range measurements are performed by an eye safe laser range finder.



We asked

Are you regular exhibitors at the IDET/PYROS/ISET trade fairs? What has been your experience of taking part in the fairs in the past?
Yes, we are. The fair is beneficial to us in some way or another every year – either the chance of presenting new products, supporting existing customers or establishing new co-operation. Taking part in a local trade fair is also immensely important in order for us to demonstrate that our company is contributing to the protection of the borders of not just the Czech Republic, but other countries as well. We are a Czech company and we are proud of it.

Do you meet the right kind of customers in Brno?
We meet the right customers, and IDET is also a place where our customers demonstrate our products on their stands. What could be better than showing a new customer real products that are used by, for example, the Czech Police.

What interesting items from your company's range can we see at the fair? What new products are you presenting in Brno?
We have taken a more “military” approach to this year’s fair and are presenting the new products we have been working on recently. For example, we will be presenting an advanced command sight and a number of other products, including weapon stations and monitoring systems.

Who is your range of products primarily aimed at?
We would like to target every specialist in the given area. Orders often arrive after a number of years of work on various tenders. It is also important that our products can be seen by a specific end user – a police officer, a member of the border guard, a military officer or someone working for a security agency. Their opinions and experiences are extremely important.

We often find out about the needs of the market and the directions it is taking at the exhibition. We then work on making sure that we maintain the elite quality of our products and reflect the given needs of the market.

What do you expect from this year's fairs?
This year, our stand at the fair is to be twice as large as in previous years and will be presenting a wide range of products, of which a large number will be getting their premiere at IDET. We expect a lot of foreign visits and high-level meetings.

We also expect to support existing companies and projects and to open the door to new challenges.


Date: 6 Feb 2019 14:56:00

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