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29.-31.5. 2019

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

e.sigma, s.r.o.


Free Fall

  • realistic suspension of the parachutist in an original sensor armed harness;
  • HALO/HAHO training;
  • calibration free setup;
  • wireless sensors for free fall steering;
  • vertical axis rotation simulation during free fall.

Exercise Creation & Debriefing

  • recording and playback of the simulation for briefing/debriefing;
  • instructor station with interactive control over training scenario creation and running drill exercises;
  • real-time observation and monitoring tool for instructor;
  • communication system for the instructor and multiple trainees to communicate with each other during a jump simulation.

SOKOL™ – Parachuting Simulator

Realistic Flight Experience

  • accurate parachute dynamics for various parachute types;
  • high resolution head-mounted display with calibration-free head sensor;
  • ripcord/hand/static line or AAD activated deployment;
  • realistic suspension during canopy ride;
  • realistic canopy opening;
  • sound simulation for a realistic and immersive jumping experience;
  • visual simulation of Altimeter, Compass and GPS;
  • motorized force feedback system for all suspension and steering lines.

Multi Terrain 3D Databases

  • different photo-realistic terrains and drop zones, and accurate 3D models;
  • option to integrate additional terrains/models;
  • reallistic representation of weather conditions and day night setting for more holistic training.


Date: 8 Feb 2019 08:43:00

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