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IDET 2021
26.-28.5. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

ELEDUS s.r.o.


Our new product SCIOX Security can help everywhere where is need to check bags, luggages, purses or packages. It is even capable to detect spy bugs devices in objects. Device is simple as it can be.

Whole installation is matter of transporting device, unpacking and plug-in. SCIOX Security has integrated 24" touch display for device control. Safety is a matter of course, device is fully shielded which means there is no need for any permission or license.

  • Easy to installation
  • Compact X-ray device
  • Integrated 24" touch display
  • Possibility to operate on battery
  • No need for any permission or license


We asked

Are you regular exhibitors at the IDET/PYROS/ISET trade fairs? What has been your experience of taking part in the fairs in the past?
We have not yet had the opportunity of exhibiting at the IDET trade fair. Nevertheless, we always drop by the fair at least as visitors. This year, we will be exhibiting our products actively at the IDET fair for the first time.

Do you meet the right kind of customers in Brno?
We have experience of the MSV trade fair in Brno. We always meet a large number of interesting customers or partners here. We expect our participation at the IDET trade fair, which is visited by a large number of the trade professionals at whom our products are targeted, to have similar results.

What interesting items from your company's range can we see at the fair? What new products are you presenting in Brno?
We are presenting our new SCIOX x-ray device for security applications at the IDET trade fair. This is an extremely compact device that can be used by anyone. The principal uses of this device include the inspection of mail, rucksacks, bags and handbags, while it also finds great application in meticulous inspections related to the search for bugging devices in various kinds of items, for example.

Who is your range of products primarily aimed at?
Our equipment is designed, first and foremost, for building and event security and for specialised companies engaged in the search for bugging devices. It goes without saying that we are also delighted to meet anyone who needs a high degree of quality control during production, as we also manufacture industrial x-ray devices and 3D CT for product quality control.

What do you expect from this year's fairs?
We expect the visiting attendance at the fair to be large once again and to meet interesting partners and customers here who can be helped by our devices.

Date: 6 Feb 2019 14:56:00

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