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IDET 2021
9.-11.6. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

EAF protect s.r.o.


Maintenance of armored fire extinguishing systems

Based on the appropriate public authority, our company has been performing periodic inspection of gas cylinders, repair and maintenance of Kidde-Deugra Brandschutz­systeme GmbH fire fighting and anti-explosion systems used in armored vehicles.

This highly sophisticated activity requires a number of special authorizations and certifications, superior technical and technological equipment and highly skilled workers.

For some of the above activities, we are the only fully qualified entity in the Czech Republic.

Deliveries and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems in aviation

Based on the authorization issued by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority, the company carries out maintenance of special fire extinguishers and civilian and military aircraft systems by PART 145.

We are also a supplier of fire protection systems for Czech manufacturers of combat and training aircraft.

Installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems for commercial vehicles

In 2018 our company expanded cooperation with our German business partner in the field of fire protection of construction machinery, forklifts and other handling equipment. Installation of new systems, maintenance and servicing of installed fire extinguishing systems are performed not only in the Czech Republic, but also at foreign customers.


We asked

Are you regular exhibitors at the IDET/PYROS/ISET trade fairs? What has been your experience of taking part in the fairs in the past?
This year we are taking part in the IDET trade fair for the second time, as our experience of taking part in 2017 was extremely good.

Do you meet the right kind of customers in Brno?
Definitely. The attractiveness of the IDET trade fair means that it is attended by large numbers of trade professionals and members of the general public. We are particularly looking forward to meeting up with our existing business partners, though we also hope to make new business contacts as well.

What interesting items from your company's range can we see at the fair? What new products are you presenting in Brno?
Our company has expanded its co-operation with its German business partner in the area of fire protection for heavy-duty vehicles. We are now, for the first time, offering our customers the installation and maintenance of fire-extinguishing systems for utility vehicles in the area of construction machinery and handling equipment, etc.

Date: 6 Feb 2019 14:53:00

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9.–11. 6. 2021

9.–12. 6. 2021

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