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24.-26.5. 2023

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair



Defenture is an innovative driven and dynamic designer and manufacturer of special light vehicles for military, law enforcement and specialist. Our vehicles are appreciated by – and sold to the Dutch MOD’s special infantry units. Defenture’s unique design and process driven manufacturing processes provides opportunities for close cooperation with the best local partner(s) to ensure strong partnerships for local potential projects. Strong partnerships which contributes to local prosperity and economic growth and also minimize costs and lead-times.

Defenture is ISO 9001 (2015) and AQAP 2110 certified and our process driven philosophy is captured in the “Defenture design and manufacturing technology process”. Which is based on LEAN management principles and international quality standards. Defenture has a rich history in and intimate knowledge of automotive engineering, accumulated in the automotive industry, defence industry and various motorsport disciplines.

Founded by rally driver Gerard Rond, Defenture kicked-off with research & development in 2013. Serial production of its high-end light tactical vehicle started in 2017 for the Dutch SOF. The official transfer of the complete serie of 75 ATTV’s took place in July 2020. The Dutch SF called the ATTV (air transportable tactical vehicle) ‘VECTOR’. VECTOR stands for Versatile Expeditionary Commando Tactical Off Road. Nowadays Defenture has supplied various configurations to several (NATO) countries.

Only a month after the official transfer of the ATTV’s, Defenture signed a new contract with the Dutch MoD for delivering +/- 300 Military Diesel Quads (MDQ), the Scorpion. The Scorpion initially intended for the action of Dutch special operation forces in mission areas. The Ministry of Defence has since expanded the user group. The 11 Airmobile Brigade, the Dutch SF forces (KCT) and the Dutch Marine Corps (KMARNS) will also receive the Scorpion. Nex to that, there is strong and rising interest from other (NATO countries)

Defenture focuses on innovation, design, mobility and safety. It creates product solutions, in close cooperation with the best strategic partners, working interactively with military clients.

To implement the vision and realize the strategy, Defenture has the following core values  appointed:

  • Reliable: As supplier and the customer in the chain, as a producer, as an employer and as a player in the social context.
  • Specialist: high-quality knowledge and specific skills that make Defenture and its products unique.
  • Product leadership: products that are among the best in the world.


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