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IDET 2021
26.-28.5. 2021

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

BAE Systems


BAE Systems and Radar

BAE Systems’ heritage in state-of-the-art radar design and manufacture spans 75 years over which we have supplied over 1000 radars to customers throughout the world in both the land and naval domains. BAE Systems recognises that local industrial participation in the supply and support of equipment by indigenous contractors is an important consideration during the acquisition decision-making process. BAE Systems has a long history of successful industrial partnerships around the world that includes technology transfer, licence build and the establishment of through-life support facilities.

Commander SL Air Defence Surveillance Radar

The Commander SL radar system is a high performance long/medium range mobile or semi-static 3-Dimensional air surveillance radar. It is a fully digital sensor with an integrated secondary radar capability offering full electronic identification functionality including Mode S and Mode 5. It has advanced Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) functionality and other radar management techniques to ensure optimum performance in adverse environmental and electronic conditions. Its dependable detection performance is ready to counter future air threats, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), cruise missiles and long range stand-off weapons. Equally important for routine day-to-day air policing operations, the radar’s versatile frequency management techniques also enable it to operate in the modern crowded peacetime electronic environment without interference to, or from, other spectrum users.

The Commanders SL is fully interoperable with existing or planned Air Defence Command and Control systems. It can also offer a limited stand-alone Air Battle Management capability, useful for small-scale integrated air defence scenarios, offering great flexibility of employment to the Air Defence Commander.

The Commander SL Radar is fully developed and in service with a leading NATO Air Force. Designed for low and easy maintenance, it has proven in-service reliability and availability with known operating costs based on true, measured operating data.

The world-leading and proven solution CV90

The CV90 is designed with a clear vision; to create a vehicle that provides highest tactical and strategically mobility, air defence and anti-tank capability, high survivability and protection in any terrain or tactical environment.

CV90 is the lowest-risk, best-protected vehicle available – for now and in the future. CV90 is the vehicle of choice in humanitarian, peacekeeping and full combat operations in every climate. BAE Systems has a proven track record of delivering industrial co-operation across the globe.

The CV90 has a proven:

  • operational capability
  • future growth and protection
  • cost effectiveness
  • industrial co-operation locally
  • electronic architecture for upgradeability

Quick facts on CV90:

  • 9 different variants in service
  • 7 user nations
  • 3 million kilometers covered by the fleet
  • 4 million R&D hours invested
  • 1,280 vehicles sold worldwide


Date: 22 Apr 2015 14:49:00

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