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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

Trade FIDES, a. s.




LATIS® SQL ensures the integration and monitoring of all technologies used in modern „intelligent „buildings and technology parks. As a centralized protection panel it is used to observe and monitor remote objects.

LATIS SQL is a product developed by Trade FIDES, a.s.. LATIS SQL is a product featuring high flexibility, suitable for centralization and remote control. New functions may be added based on customer needs.

Significant references: Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings Bank) , National Technical Library, National Gallery, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Traffic, Police of the Czech Republic, the army, private security agencies, historical and cultural monuments. ´

The system is built on the state-of-the-art and well established database technology Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

LATIS SQL is designed as an open system to which you can at any time add new functionalities based on the ever growing requirements of the technologies linked hereto. The main benefit of LATIS SQL is the double-side communication between the remote supervision and the objects under protection, which allows for an instant response to the event detected. Thanks to this feature you can remotely manage nearly any status controlled by the security system unit in the building.

With LATIS SQL you can remotely switch off the alert buzzer, cancel an alert, open the door or set repeating events (such as switch on – off the security system of the building in a required time). Some of the devices used in the monitored building (such as the object device PZL-10) may even be updated remotely, for example in the form of sending a new firmware.

Through various communication channels (Radio, telephone, SMS, GPRS, LAN, RS232, RS485) you can connect many technologies, integrating the autonomous systems into one whole.

LATIS SQL may be used as a local graphic interface or remote surveillance of objects (PCO), or you can have a combination of both.

PCO simplified scheme

For accurate localization of the areas monitored it is linked to own map systems using real GPS coordinates. These map data may be created and administered using a dedicated editor.

The individual systems may be interconnected into functional units to ensure surveillance of large premises (areas) containing several local interfaces LATIS® SQL. You can thus form large networks with several layers and different detail levels and central monitoring.

Would you like to know more about this product? Contact our sales department: info@fides.cz




Asset is a system integrating a security alarm system, access control system, simple measuring of physical quantities and regulations thereof, attendance and catering. Thanks to its modularity (connection of detectors of different types) the system may be extended easily. Asset is a product developed by Trade FIDES, a.s.

The fundamental functions of the control units are a SAS and ACS. The ACS supports attendance of employees, electronic control of passage of persons and their movement within the premises in several security levels or in defined areas. The monitoring of persons based on photographs, observation of the car park occupancy, control of bars, doors, elevators or turnstiles, connection of a key safe box, this is just a short list of options the Asset system can offer.

Central administration of the Asset system is built on the client-server technology and Microsoft SQL Server platform. The client workplace equipped with the Asset Client application offers monitoring of events going on in the Asset control units in real time, the option of user management, monitoring of important changes in the system, and many others.

Significant references: 60 thousand entrance cards – National Technical Library in Prague, Technical University in Liberec, Raiffeisenbank, Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings Bank)


  • A modular technology designed for buildings or premises of any size
  • Security alarm system (SAS)
  • Integration of the wireless SAS system Octopus including protection of things and central emergency alarms
  • Electronic access control system (ACS)
  • Guest book with optional OCR scanner connection
  • Transparent integration of biometric scanners
  • Management of car park traffic
  • Measuring of physical quantities, such as temperature or humidity
  • An option of redundant operation of control units
  • User-friendly operation of the system through the client-server interface
  • An option of remote control and maintenance of the system, firmware upgrade


  • Up to 12 communication lines RS 485
  • Version 801 (max. 232 inputs), 804 (max. 952 inputs), 808 (max. 1 912 inputs), 812 (max. 2 872 inputs)
  • Option of connecting up to 360 modules
  • Easy to extend
  • Support of redundant systems
  • Support of standard communication protocols (Ademco® Contact ID, OpenTherm™, BACnet®)
  • Strong communication encryption (AES -128)
  • Connection to the server through TCP/IP with minimum data flow requirements (in kB/s)
  • Linux operating system



One of the most sophisticated and most reliable tools protecting clients´ cash against alienation is the cash transport case – a product developed by Trade FIDES. It is a special resistant suitcase – a perfectly safe and resistant box. The case is equipped with electronic components monitoring the presence of radio signal from space deactivators, monitoring the internal condition of the case, such as battery status, charging, opening, movement – carrying of the case, presence of the deactivator signal, etc. Once the case is not within the deactivator´s reach the situation is deemed alienation or movement outside the permitted corridor. At this moment the internal buzzer starts to sound and the case must be put down in three seconds and stop moving otherwise the smoke pot gets discharged and the contents of the case are destroyed.

Space deactivators, stationary or mobile, monitor the presence of active cases within their reach, check their status and transfer all the information online to the control room. Every space deactivator can be provided with a GPS chip, which combined with the online transfer to the control room, allows for instant localisation of the deactivator and all cases within its reach. Storing the list of permitted deactivators in the case memory you can create a permitted route the case may take.

The case is equipped with an electronic lock which can be unlocked only after the user is authenticated by a contactless card scanner. The case may only be opened when it is within the reach of the deactivator permitting the opening. Thus, the case will not open in a car, for example. All important information is continuously stored in the case history and once it is within the deactivator reach the data are transferred online to the control room. The controller will know from the history what is or was the battery and charging status, who and when opened/closed the case, when and where the case logged in to the deactivators, and what was going on with the case after the signal got lost.

The basic function of the case is to destroy the banknotes inside in the event that it is alienated in one way or another. Its electronic device is equipped with a key switch with three positions. Briefly said – off – standby – on. In the first position it does not monitor the functions but in the second it records everything to the operation history, and in the third one the case is fully activated requiring the deactivator reach. The smoke pot may only be discharged in the third position.

The case is equipped with an electric lock that may be opened a few seconds after approaching the permitted chip card to the scanner. The list of permitted cards is loaded to the case when going out, as well as the list of deactivators on the case route.

If the case gets out of the deactivator´s reach it will react as if alienated, which means that it will start alert no. 1 (interrupted sound of the buzzer), after 10 seconds alert no. 2 (steady sound of the buzzer) and it must be placed on the ground within 3 seconds and stay without moving. If it detects a movement a smoke pot is discharged, and after one second the other one. Violent opening of the case out of the deactivator´s reach will start the buzzer and discharge the smoke pots.

The function of the case is to destroy the money but its purpose is to protect it against robbers and thieves rather than destroy it.

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