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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies



STV GROUP a.s. has been active on the Czech and foreign markets of military materiel since 1994. The company is headquartered in Prague, with strategically located branch offices and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. Supplying military materiel is our principal business.


Spare parts and repairs for ground-based equipment

Military ground vehicles and equipment

Aviation technology including spare parts and repairs


Hand guns

Ecological disposal of military ordnance

Thermobaric grenade TB-7V

This projectile for grenade launchers RPG-7 and RPG-7V is intended especially against lightly armored wheeled vehicles with modern electronic gear, buildings of brick and reinforced concrete, and natural bunkers. The TB-7V thermobaric grenade can be used in urban settings as well as in a rugged mountainous terrain. In these locations, the grenade containing a thermobaric explosive can achieve a considerably greater effect than the classic PG-7 grenade with a directionally shaped conventional explosive. Its incendiary and blinding effect is also incomparably stronger as the explosion creates a fireball accompanied by an extensive glowing zone lasting a few  milliseconds.

Initial bullet velocity: 120 m/sec

Shock wave pressure in an open terrain: up to 35 kPa

Shock wave pressure in a closed space: up to 250 kPa

Pressure wave pulse duration in an open terrain: 4.8 ms

Pressure wave pulse duration in a closed space: up to 35.7 ms


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