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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

RETIA. a.s.: ReVISOR - Short Range Radar


ReVISOR -Short Range Radar
Short range radar ReVISOR is a basic radar sensor of the battlefield airspace survey. ReVISOR detects, identifies and tracks air targets with high accuracy and data refresh rate. ReVISOR supports advanced SHORAD/VSHORAD systems in their efforts to effectively destroy means of air attacks.


P-18 “Spoon Rest” Radar Modernization
The P-18 radar is a 2D mobile early warning radar operating in VHF band. Main P-18 radar advantages are ability to detect stealth targets and inability of anti-radiation missiles seeker to detect such radar (VHF antenna does not fit into missile body). Despite of highly reliable simple mechanical construction, original radar cannot fulfill today's requirements. Original radar signal processing is not able to detect and track targets inside heavy jammed or cluttered regions. Manual data readout does not fulfill requirements on target processing capacity and accuracy. Proposed radar modernization suppresses aforesaid imperfections. Modernized radar provides significant performance improvement.


SAM System SA-6 KUB CZ (2K12 KUB/KVADRAT) Modernization
RETIA, a.s. proposes an SA-6 upgrade including radar vehicle SURN, missile launchers 2P25 and replace of 3M9 missiles including new loading vehicle. This upgrade prolongs system lifetime, increases combat efficiency and decreases operators load. The integrated logistic support is proposed to allow efficient use of upgraded system for the whole lifetime. Proposed upgrade replaces outdated communication equipment with new means. Analogue signal processing and displays are replaced by new digital signal and data processor and new high resolution LCDs.

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