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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

PST CLC, a.s.




We realize transport of dangerous goods ADR class. 1 (.i.e.  explosives, ammunition and weapons) throughout whole Europe, including the former Soviet Union countries, Russia and the Balkans.

We have one of the largest fleets of specially modified vehicles for transport under ADR 1 in Europe. With regards to the extensive fleet and extensive experience in the field of transport of explosives, we are able offer to our customers quality services in the shortest possible time and at interesting prices.

We provide a complete service related to the transport of explosives. Due to many years practice and extensive experience in transportation of explosives, we are able, with co-acting of our foreign partners, to provide all transit permits along the whole journey and escorts in all countries which legislation requires so (including Spain).

We are able to offer transport of explosives in a convoy on any number of vehicles, thus achieving cost savings for permits and escorts by which we reduce significantly the cost of the whole transportation.

All our vehicles are equipped with a GPS monitoring and alarm system able to follow a particular vehicle in real time throughout the transport realization.

We are a holder of a Certificate entitling us to perform transport of explosives in Spain where such transports are strictly regulated by the Government.

Vehicles are specially designed and certified for the ADR EX III transport regime which allows loading of up to 16 ton of net explosive quantity (NEQ).

We provide transport services by a set suitable for oversized cargo transport consisting of a three-axle tractor and four-axle low – loading trailer. We have a long-term permit for oversized transport in the Czech Republic, and TÜV certificate for oversized transport in Germany. This set is available for single shipments as well as for long-term cooperation, domestic and international transport. We are able to transport cargo of the weight of up to 50 ton.


Representation in customs procedures for import, export and transit of military equipment

Experience in customs procedures with military equipment on behalf of major companies:

  • Aero Vodochody SpA
  • ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o.
  • Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic
  • STV Group SpA
  • VOP CZ, s. p.
  • ... and other


  • Preparation and filing of customs declarations for all customs regimes
  • Customs debt guarantee providing for direct and indirect representation in customs procedures
  • Other customs services offered
  • All customs declarations presented and archived in electronic form
  • Long-term effective use of simplified customs procedures
  • Centralization of customs procedures in one place, to  one releasing customs office
  • Preparation and filing of INTRASTAT reports in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (keeping statistical records of exchange of goods within the European Community)
  • Issue of other transit documents  (TIR Carnet, ATA)
  • A possibility of storing the goods in the bonded warehouse, including relevant records keeping
  • Consultancy in customs issues and other Czech and EU legal regulations  regarding the international trade
  • A possibility to deposit certificates, import and export permits and licenses
  • VAT registration  providing in the Czech Republic


  • Submission and processing of applications to a competent customs office
  • Simplified procedures
  • Binding information about the shipments classification and origin
  • Customs duty repayment and remission
  • Final use
  • Remedies filing


  • 9 modern logistics centers throughout the whole Czech Republic
  • Over 70,000 m² of storage space
  • Complete logistic chain - purchase, manufacturing, transport and sales logistics
  • Reliable and efficient solution of on-line warehouses using the latest information technologies
  • Extended Added-Value Services – labeling, stamping, packaging and re-packaging, consolidating and sorting
  • Audit and internal logistics outsourcing
  • Significant and efficient cost optimization

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