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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

Poličské strojírny a.s.



The SF1 Kraken arm is designed for low-velocity firing at close range targets. Tennis balls may be used as ammunition for distances (leader shooting up to 30 m). Only a specially designed .357 magnum firing cartridge approved and produced by the manufacturer in accordance with the technical conditions of the SF1 Kraken's manufacturer may be employed. The Kraken arm is used for individual defense, where force necessary to effectively and reliably stop, but not directly fatally harm an attacker is required. It can be used to target animals (e.g. dogs) as well as aggressors, either individually or in groups. An important advantage of the SF1 Kraken is it's effectiveness in closed spaces.

System SRNA

System SRNA is designed to initiate explosives charges for applications where high speed to deploy and camouflaging in the terrain is needed. The system detonator can directly initiate the explosive charge or by using a UNI plug, it can initiate inserted shock tubes of non-electric detonators Shockstar / Indetshock and thus create a network of multiple initiators.

Compact Pumping Set

A compact system with small dimensions. The set is designed for the achievement of a maximum capacity at small contour dimension. The structure makes it possible to handle common lifting equipment, at the same time it protects technological elements from damage. Easy and fast installation in the place of use, after anchoring to the base it is sufficient only to connect the pipeline and the electrical system. The system provides for a wide design variability – in terms of both capacity and dimensions. The display and evaluation unit can be made in an electronic or mechanical design. It is possible to equip the system with a monitor for the checking of the priming and filling process, separate system of the grounding check, system for remote transmission of data for further processing, density measurement, etc. It is possible to complete the system with sight holes, safety relief valves, sampling system, etc. It is possible to equip the system with a self-priming pump. A voluminous or weight measurement device is used for measurement.

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