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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

Martin Hanuš - ALP


Tactical ballistic vest FENIX Protector COMBAT

FENIX Protector COMBAT ballistic protective vest is currently the best way to protect the members of the armed forces. A unique design and hi-tech features provide the wearer's body with the highest possible degree of protection as well as unequaled comfort in wearing and using the vest. The FENIX Protector COMBAT vest was developed in cooperation with the members of Special Service Group 601 of Military Police Special Operations Unit and the elite units of the Czech Army's 4th Brigade of Rapid Deployment. The development involved a multiple long-term use in foreign operations, where the properties of the FENIX COMBAT vest were thoroughly checked in all respects. The FENIX Protector COMBAT tactical ballistic vest represents the best solution for modern armed forces.

Tactical backpack FENIX Protector TASK FORCE 

FENIX Protector TASK FORCE tactical backpack is a unique combination of the most advanced, extreme sport technologies with an adaptation tailored specifically to armed forces. The FENIX Protector TASK FORCE is currently the only backpack in the world having a fully functional quick release system. The backpack that proved its value in combat mission in Afganistan is being tested in several competitive tenders by the NATO special service units. The FENIX Protector TASK FORCE tactical backpack is undoubtedly the most effective item of the tactical equipment available to modern armed forces in the category of backpacks and rucksacks.

Tactical uniform FENIX Protector BDU

The FENIX Protector BDU tactical combat uniform was developed on the basis of knowledge and experiences gained by the soldiers of the Czech and U.S. Armies in various conflicts of the last decade. The uniform is cut for the wearer's maximum comfort while being fully compatible with all elements of personal tactical equipment. The FENIX Protector BDU does not restrict user's movements or pocket functionality, even when combined with a tactical ballistic vest, a backpack, tactical weapon holsters, etc. The FENIX Protector BDU uniform is now being tested by several special service units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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