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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

VOP CZ, s.p.


LINKA-08 Equipment  For Decontamination Of Military Vehicles
LINKA-08 is part of the decontamination equipment of the army chemical units. It allows for rough cleaning of military vehicles, its washing, spraying of decontamination mixtures and rinsing mixture in a line transit way, all this while meeting the requirements of modern decontamination equipment, including quick assembly and disassembly and transport by air.

S-LOV-CBRN Light Armoured Vehicle System
S-LOV-CBRN system is designed to perform CBRN reconnaissance both in urban areas as well as in rough country terrain. It ensures automated collection and processing of data from the CBRN mission package instruments to identify toxic chemicals in the air or on the ground surface, detect sources and fields of ionizing radiation when driving on the roads or in the country.

MDA Small Decontamination  Vehicle
MDA is a comprehensive, autonomously working technical vehicle, which is designed for the decontamination of persons, including selected components of their personal gear and equipment and for the decontamination of external surfaces of military vehicles, equipment and materials. Because of his dimensions and weight MDA prototype meets the prerequisites for fast relocation within the air transport by aircrafts C-160 Transall and larger.


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