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22.-24.5. 2013

International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies

Aliter Technologies, a.s.


AT21201 is a new version of voice communication gateway, which in one compact device integrates the radio gateway for up to four single channel radios, the private branch exchange is based upon IP protocol providing voice telecommunication services as well as the voice gateway with a broad spectrum of telecom interfaces. The purpose of the voice communication gateway is to provide an automated gateway between voice telephone networks and radio networks without the intervention of an operator. The basic radio parameters (channel, mode, output power, etc.) can be modified directly from a telephone device with no need for a special user application. As an option, the GUI application for Windows can be used for the operator´s control over the radio gateway. AT21201 is part of the COMTANET® rapid deployable ICT system product line. 

AT21801 is a high-performance, ruggedized router based on CISCO 5915 ESR with integrated services designed to provide reliable operation for mobile military applications under extreme climatic conditions. The AT21801 allows the static or dynamic routing of IP protocol to ensure the data transition between virtual LAN networks. The router provides data interfaces to external networks, a security gateway complemented by a firewall, VPN connection capability, the Intrusion Prevention System and other security features. With onboard hardware encryption, the AT21801 offloads encryption processing from the routing engine and increases the performance of VPN connections. The integrated WiFi module enables wireless connection to the LAN network for local clients as well as MESH enabled wireless network topologies. AT21801 is also part of the COMTANET® rapid deployable ICT system product line.

AT10102 is a new version of a data control unit, which delivers the ability to create MANET Mobile Ad-hoc Networks in the environment of narrow band and broad band radio networks. It is an unmanned device providing dynamic routing of command and control system data, selecting the communication channel with the highest available transfer rate. The device is also able to create and interconnect WiFi MESH networks. The Data control unit also contains a GPS module, internal crypto device, data communication recording device as well as a modem in case there is a need to integrate the unit with legacy analog radios.  AT10102 is part of the COMTAG® mobile tactical communication system product line.

AT21201, AT21801 as well as AT21201 are compact devices with small dimensions and a MIL-STD based rugged design. This allows the devices to be used in an environment with demanding geographical and climatic conditions. All these devices come from the design workshop of Aliter Technologies, a.s.

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