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20.-23.10. 2022

Travel Fair

20.-23.10. 2022

Fair for Regional Tourism

The tourism trade fairs of GO and REGIONTOUR present nearly all the regions of Slovakia


The Brno tourism trade fairs of GO and REGIONTOUR have already been introducing nearly all of Slovakia. Slovakia can be found among three of the most sought after, foreign goals of Czech tourists. This data comes from the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), which follows outward-bound tourism. The event is starting on Thursday, the 17th of January at the Brno Exhibition Grounds. This day is for specialists. The gates of the exhibition grounds will open to the public on Friday and over the weekend.

Approximately 130 kilometers divides the capitol city of Slovakia from the Czech city of Brno, where the trade fairs will be held.  This is the reason why Brno tourism trade fairs are a favorite for the Slovak visitors.  This year, almost all the Slovak regions will appear in Brno for four days. “Interest coming from the side of Slovakian regions continues to grow, which makes us very happy. Every region in Slovakia, other than the region of Košice, will take part in the trade fair. Just the same as last year, the region of Bratislava for example, will be presented at the fair,” says the project's director of Go and Regiontour, Miloň Mlčák.

Currently, Slovakia can be found among the most visited, foreign destination for Czech tourists. “For Slovakia, Moravia is a connective area when it comes to active tourism. The inhabitants of Moravia travel abroad to Slovakia many times a year and they are more intensively interested in the country. They are looking for new locality, attractions and products. This is the reason why Slovakia is once again a part of the Brno tourism trade fair,” explains Klára Badinková, director of Czech representation for Slovak tourism in the Czech Republic.

For example, the mentioned Bratislava region is also preparing experiences for gastronomy lovers.  “The Bratislava Region will introduce the most beautiful places and traditional tastes of the region during the exposition. For those visiting for four days, they can see the region and enjoy the local specialties of Bratislava, the Small Carpathians, Záhoria and Podunajsko,” describes Andrea Ambrózy, head of the marketing department and events company, Turizmus regiónu Bratislava. Tips for trips will not be left out.

Cultural wealth, active holiday or virtual reality 

Several themes will take place at the trade fairs.  One of these themes is the active holiday, which draws people closer to the idea of a holiday on the water. There will be many tips regarding everything that is needed for “trips on the water”, which will include an exhibition of boats, simulators and trainers. An elaborate climbing wall will be prepared for the adrenaline enthusiast. The program also touches on biking holidays and holidays in a caravan. Those who are interested in culture and relaxation will also be accommodated.  “Traveling is also connected with the tasting of various foods.  People can look forward to regional foods but can also look forward to exotic gastronomy and foreign specialties. There will be delicious smells coming from the competition of young chefs and pastry chefs at Pavilion P,” reveals Karolína Křenková, the spokesperson for both trade fairs.

The festival of regional and specialty foods, REGFOODFEST, will enhance the accompanying program of the trade fairs. Also, students studying to become chefs, pastry chefs and waiters will happily prepare wonderful meals. These students will compete under the title of the 24th International Competition: GASTRO JUNIOR BRNO 2019 – BIDFOOD CUP. You can also look forward to lectures on exotic gastronomy from different corners of the world. During these four days, people will also be able to meet several travelers thanks to the GO KAMERA festival, which will be devoted to Central Asia this year.

A new communication campaign #vzacnemalickosti (#valuabledetails) 

The Brno tourism trade fairs want to provide their visitors with tips of where they should go on holiday and how to spend their free time. “The new communication campaign is trying to inform people that traveling is about the everyday details. Whether people are already traveling around the Czech Republic or to the furthest corners of the world, it is always essential to not forget that experiences can be created by even the smallest of details. And so, our campaign pictures everyday situations. Our visitors can take part in the campaign through an online competition, which is also new. Just taking a picture from your travels is enough. You can receive tickets and we will then incorporate the authentic photography into the trade fair’s campaign next year,” closes Křenková while inviting you to the competition page www.vzacnemalickosti.cz. The competition is open through the 14th of January.

Information about both trade fairs, GO & REGIONTOUR

 Trade fair GO focuses on outward-bound tourism.  Suppliers of tourism services will take part in the trade fair with the domestic travel offices and agencies for favorite foreign destinations and foreign tourism headquarters. This is the largest presentation of the tourism industry with a stress on regions within central Europe. The 29th edition will be taking place in 2019.

The trade fair REGIONTOUR is mainly a presentation platform regarding tourism within regions in the Czech Republic. It is the principle project in support of external and domestic tourism. Key stakeholders and decision makers in Czech tourism and individual regions are involved. The 28th edition will be taking place in 2019.

The Festival of regional and specialty foods RegFoodFest and the International Competition Gastro Junior Brno 2019 – Bidfood Cup as well as the festival of traveler’s films, photography and publications GO KAMERA will be taking place alongside the trade fairs. 



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