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18.-21.1. 2018

International Travel Fair

18.-21.1. 2018

International Fair for Regional Tourism

Trade Fairs Inaugurated in an Optimistic Manner


Concerning tourism, last year was record high in the Czech Republic, and this year even further increase is expected. We have much to offer to tourists, agreed the participants of the opening ceremony of the GO and REGIONTOUR trade fairs 2016.

Our country is not only beautiful but also safe, which is becoming more and more important nowadays. As it was said on the stage of the pavilion P, where the opening ceremony took place, Czech and Moravian Regions can expect another influx of foreign and domestic tourists. Every visitor of the 25th REGIONTOUR trade fair can see the fact that the regions have a lot to offer for themselves.

 At the opening ceremony, the Mayor of the host city of Brno, Petr Vokřál, reminded that tourism attractiveness of the Czech Republic is growing, which is not only because of the country’s unquestionable beauty, but also because of the increasing importance of safety in tourism. The exhibition of tourist offers in regions is therefore an opportunity to interconnect the interests of everyone who would like to visit our country and spend their holidays here. The Mayor wished the trade fair to fulfill its purpose, to be successful, and to find as many clients as possible, both professional and from the general public.

The President of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Milan Štěch, highlighted the tradition of the Brno tourism trade fairs and the economic importance of the entire sector. According to him, tourism currently represents around 3 % GDP of the Czech Republic and employs almost 5 % of workers in our country; at the same time, tourism is a perspective field which can, to a certain extent, replace fields which are in decline nowadays. “I would like to thank everyone who works in this field and prepares conditions for foreign and domestic visitors. When we travel abroad, visitors of the Czech Republic from distant lands give us the best references not only to the beauty of our country, but also to the way we treat of our guests. To introduce, besides Prague, the beauty of our regions is a very praiseworthy thing and the thanks for it go to the Exhibition Centre, to Brno, to regions, and to everyone who participates in the preparation of the trade fairs,” said Milan Štěch.

The importance of the REGIONTOUR trade fair was also highlighted by the Deputy of the Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová. She pointed out that tourism as an economic branch needs to be developed in the context of world events as well. “The Czech Republic is the tenth safest destination in the world and our promotional strategy should be targeted at this fact. I expect that interest in our regions will continue to grow, both for domestic and foreign visitors,” the Deputy stated.

The same opinion was expressed by the Governor of the South Moravian region Michal Hašek, according to whom domestic tourism will become more and more sought after and in the coming years foreign visitors will choose the Czech Republic because they will feel safe in our country. He also reminded the audience of a fresh success when the Brno Grand Prix was saved, so fans of motor sports can again prepare to visit the Masaryk Circuit in the next five years.

The agency CzechTourism was represented by the Head of Marketing Communications Markéta Chaloupková, who confirmed the favorable expectations: “We don’t have the numbers for the whole of last year yet, but everything points to the fact that concerning tourism, 2015 was a record high year for us. I believe that the Czech Republic will retain the position of a sought after destination and the expectations of further increase this coming year will be confirmed.” The estimate for last year is 8 million foreign visitors, and this year a million more are expected to come. Last year, for example, a bigger number of Chinese and Korean visitors than usual came to our country, but there was also a significant increase of visitors from Germany. It is the Germans, who, in the long term, come to the Czech Republic in most numbers, and last year 1.3 million of German visitors came in the first three quarters of the year, which means there was an annual increase of 15 per cent.

The final word belonged to the Managing Director of the Brno Trade Fairs Jiří Kuliš, who pointed out that trade fair tourism and congress tourism are also parts of the tourism industry. He thanked everyone who participated in the preparations of this traditional event, especially the cooperating associations and partners from the tourism industry, and wished them a successful trade fair as well as the whole year 2016.

Datum: 14 Jan 2016 16:30:00

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