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17.-20.1. 2019

International Fair for Regional Tourism

17.-20.1. 2019

International Travel Fair

GO and REGIONTOUR 2019 in figures


Tourism trade fairs 690 exhibiting companies from 20 countries participated in GO & Regiontour 2019. Every Czech region and seven out of eight Slovak regions were represented.

The trade fairs were viewed by 31,355 visitors.

Final report to download:


Jiří Kuliš
General Director of Trade Fairs Brno
Tourism is an important sector of the Czech economy. The GO & REGIONTOUR trade fairs are still an important presentation platform for it.

Markéta Vaňková
Mayor of the City of Brno
The GO & REGIONTOUR International Tourism Trade Fairs traditionally open the new tourism and exhibition season. Each year they attract more people, both from the professional and lay public. The City of Brno is aware of the importance of this event for the tourist trade in general and primarily for the tourist trade in the Czech and Moravian regions.

Jiří Oliva
Chairman of the Board of Trade Fairs Brno
This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary from the time when we stopped living behind barbed wire. We should appreciate and take advantage of that, and not take it for granted, which some of us now do. Let’s travel and get to know other countries, because that enriches us.

Milan Štěch
Vice-Chairman of Czech Senate
I am a regular participant in these trade fairs and this year I was very pleased by the large representation of Slovak counties. Last year we enjoyed the wonderful celebration of the establishment of Czechoslovakia together, because even in spite of our divorce, our countries are still very close. It is good that we still visit and discover the beauty of our countries to a great extent. I am sure that the presentations at these trade fairs help to develop the good relations between the citizens of both countries.

Klára Dostálová
Czech Minister for Local Development
I enjoy participating in these trade fairs every year. For me it is one of the most important trade fair events, which begins the exhibition season and where we all meet up. We can discuss lots of activities for the upcoming season, and not only concerning the Ministry for Local Development. We are breaking records; in three quarters of the year 2018 almost 17 million tourists were accommodated in the Czech Republic and the foreign currency revenue reached 125 billion crowns, so tourism is on the right path.

Antonín Staněk
Czech Minister of Culture
This is the first time that the Czech Ministry of Culture sponsored all its contributory organisations and prepared their complete presentation for you at the stand. I am very glad that the Czech Republic is among the safe nations attractive for tourists and that it is the monuments, whether of tangible or intangible culture, that can be an enticement for tourists.

Jana Mračková Vildumetzová
Chairperson of the Board of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic and Governor of the Karlovy Vary Region
I am very glad that all of the regions are presenting themselves at this trade fair, because tourism is a key area for the development of regions. Regions have an important task in attracting tourists to their sights. Trade fairs and other activities can help them in this, for which I would like to thank the Minister for Local Development. The number of tourists increased in all the regions last year, which truly is positive news.

František Lukl
Chairman of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic
Our wonderful country is full of jewels that you can discover here and subsequently visit and experience.

Viliam Sivek
Chairman of the Tourism Forum
In the name of the Tourism Forum, the strongest business association in the Czech Republic, I wish you lots of health and happiness. Long live Trade Fairs Brno.

Vladimír Dolejš
Chairman of the Association of Czech Travel Agencies
GO is the oldest tourism trade fair in this country. We are already in the 29th year, and Brno deserves thanks for that. It is good that the regions have also taken up presentations as a very important part of the tourist trade. I wish everyone pleasant experiences and the exhibitors a lot of concluded transactions.

Roman Škrabánek
President of the Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies of the Czech Republic
Both of the trade fairs have a long and successful history and inherently belong to our field. I am glad that in 2018 a brand new format was tried for the first time, with both of the trade fairs placed into one joint exhibition hall, just as our professional association requested. It was a step in the right direction and I am glad that it will continue this year. For that, I would like to thank the organising company, Trade Fairs Brno.

Andrea Jirglová
Director of Strategy and Marketing Communication Division of CzechTourism Agency
I have noted a very positive response regarding the new multimedia trade fair exhibit, by which CzechTourism will be presenting the Czech Republic at home and abroad for the next four years. We are pleased by the references of our partners. We provided exhibit space to 14 subjects at Brno’s GO & RegIONTOUR festival; while the capacity of the exhibit is up to 30 places. The Exhibit uses multimedia and 3D presentation elements and is designed in the national colours. The exhibit is visually easy to spot, in spite of the very rich accompanying programme and the diverse selection of exhibitors at the trade fairs in Brno.

Jaromír Polášek
Director of South Bohemian Tourism Headquarters
Trade fairs are not just about the offer, but also about the ability to intrigue, which is something we managed to do this year with Vltava. We would like to strengthen the perception of our brand and South Bohemia as a region that has something to offer and is a bit different from the others. The first two days of the trade fair are mainly important for me, when I meet with professionals as part of the Tourism Forum, with people from CzechTourism, with our partners. We are one big gang at the stand and simply the fact that we get together here strengthens our cooperation during the year.

Petr Krč
Sales and Production Director of ATIS Travel Agency
We are regulars here, exhibiting from the first year and compared to the past it is now far better arranged because we are in one pavilion together with the regions. For us it is mainly about meeting business partners, and our authorised dealers come here and hand out catalogues. From a sales perspective, the importance has declined, but we have lots of clients in Brno who come to the trade fair to say hello. And it is also important to always be seen.

Martina Koňaříková
Tour salesperson PERISCOPE Scandinavia Travel Agency
We are a Brno-based travel agency and we have exhibited in Prague and Slovakia, but this year we are only in Brno. We do not sell that many tours at the trade fair, but rather recommend various destinations to clients, advise them and so on. We refer the visitors to our office or to our web pages. The presentations on the podium also help us a lot, because they are presented by our guides and there is a lot of interest in them among the visitors.

Irena Navrkalová
Secretary of ZnojmoRegion Association
Our destination company is responsible for the Znojmo and the Podyjí regions and we exhibit as part of the South Moravian Region, though we used to have our own stand. The exhibit is sensibly divided into five tourist areas and it is pleasant for the visitors that they can find the entire offer of South Moravia in one place. Along with a trade fair in Vienna, REGIONTOUR is the most important for us from the more than ten trade fairs that we participate in during the course of the year, because Brno is our main source area.

Ondřej Herzán
Promo Event Coordinator from VIDA! Science Centre
The organisation is super. I have to commend the joint stand of the South Moravian Region and the City of Brno. Each year the program is wonderful. I especially appreciate the wide offer of travel agencies and regions of the Czech Republic.

Tomáš Málek
Head of server Lidovky.cz
Hundreds of visitors visited the nomadic Lidovky.cz stand every day. For us the trade fair was an opportunity to present our Nomad column to a new public and also to present the expedition specials right on the spot.

Bohumil Stupka
Representative of Pangeo Tours
After a four-day exhibition marathon we, the travel agency Pangeo Tours, are very satisfied. With the clients’ interest in the entire trade fair as well as the accompanying programme with the lectures. And also with the helpfulness and willingness of the employees and management of the exhibition grounds, which was a pleasant surprise. Seeing that we have not missed a single year, we will definitely see you again next year.

Pavel Číž
CEOI of RIVIERA TOUR travel agency
We look forward to the clients, friends and travel agencies that come take a look at our stand. And who we have not seen for a long time. It is a great place to meet. It was also sensible to combine the Go trade fair with REGIONTOUR. Because they were tossed together, the clients are here. Even though they came to REGIONTOUR, they go to take a look at a travel agency. We are primarily here to support the brand, so that we are visible.

Šárka Motalová
Head of Communications and Marketing Department of Technical museum in Brno
This year’s REGIONTOUR had a very good number of visitors. We are pleased with the interest that the visitors displayed about the contests and information that we presented here. This year we arranged two exhibits, TMB And the Ministry of Culture. The cooperation and communication with Trade Fairs Brno was excellent.

Rűta Mačytë
Department of Foreign Relations of Kaunas City Hall (Lithuania)
We are at the REGIONTOUR trade fair for the first time and we like it here. We did not expect so many visitors. The people here are very communicative and helpful. We will be happy to come next time.

Marie Bardounová
Head of Sales Office, Delfín Travel
We have been at the trade fairs in Brno a number of times and there is always a very pleasant atmosphere here. We welcome the connection of travel agencies, gastronomic offers and presentations of regions. We are also satisfied with the organisation of the trade fairs. The GO trade fair is useful for us from a direct sales perspective, as well as like a promotional tool. We rank this year’s campaign, which also showed the target group of seniors. Thus, participation for us is a kind of mix and it includes greater media interest in our company, which we welcome.

Čestmír Vala
Manager of Cyklo Klub Kučera Znojmo – organiser of a specialised part of the trade fair – Cycle tourism in the Czech Regions and Beyond For the eighth year now, Klub Kučera
Znojmo has prepared a comprehensive presentation of cycling tourism activities in the regions on an area of almost 800 m2. Part of the presentation is dedicated to state and local governments. Both the visitors to the individual exhibits and the exhibitors agree on the need to present the issue of bicycle transportation and tourism in one place.

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