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16.-19.1. 2014

International Travel Trade Fair

16.-19.1. 2014

International Fair of Regional Tourism

GO and REGIONTOUR 2014 in figures


  • 678 exhibiting companies from 20 countries at 9,311 square metres of exhibition space
  • exhibitions were viewed by 30,748 visitors, i.e. 12% more than last year
  • foreign visitors came from 15 countries, mainly from neighbouring Slovakia, Poland and Italy
  • 336 media representatives accredited in the Press Centre

Final report to download:



Jiří Rusnok, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic:
This trade fair is a traditional meeting of people who are interested in tourism and regional development. Travelling is a phenomenon of our age, when it is very easy for people to move from one place to another, without any trouble overcoming various former barriers of travelling around the planet, which brings various other effects. The Czech Republic is without doubt among very attractive destinations for foreign travellers as well as for Czech tourists. This is why I’m glad that the REGIONTOUR trade fair shows the tremendous tourist potential of Bohemian and Moravian regions. We are great travellers and at the GO trade fair it is possible to find lots of inspiration and ideas where else to go and how to make our future vacation happen.

František Lukl, the Minister for Regional Development:
This trade fair is the biggest feast of tourism in our country, which is decorated with various jewels: not only of the mineralogical character, but also of the historical, scenic, urban, rural and ethnographic character. Time after time it is necessary to slow down, become a discoverer of these jewels and bit by bit build the mosaic of the Czech Republic, which is unique thanks to all the wonders located in individual regions.

Roman Onderka, the Mayor of Brno:
Brno has become a place where the biggest touristic offer is centred. Here you can see the offerings of all destinations, and their touristic and vacational,as well as leisure-time, activities. This trade fair proves that the Czech Republic has a lot to offer to visitors, that we can take care of them, and that we can keep the trends of the 21st century. The city of Brno is a metropolis of the South Moravian region, which regularly places second, behind Prague, in the tourist traffic charts. I am convinced that the novelties introduced in Brno this year will catch the attention of all visitors of our region.

Michal Hašek, the Governor of the South Moravian Region:
I am truly glad that here, underneath the P pavilion's roof, you can find only the best from Brno and South Moravia, but also from all the other regions of the Czech Republic, along with offerings from our foreign partners. I believe that here, every visitor can find inspiration for where to spend their free time.

Rostislav Vondruška, the Managing Director of the CzechTourism Agency:
This year’s REGIONTOUR is a concentration of the best that Czech, Moravian and Silesian regions can offer in tourism. I would like to thank our regional partners, who take care of touristic development in the regions. I wish everyone a successful trade fair, so that it is (as always) a good start of the New Year.

Michal Janeba, the Deputy of the Minister for Regional Development:
I am really happy that we concern ourselves with gastronomy here at GO and REGIONTOUR, because gastronomy is massively connected to tourism. Those are the fine memories we take with ourselves from our travels. Because of that, it’s very important that the finale of the international Gastro Junior Brno competition takes place alongside with the festival of regional foods and specialities RegFoodFest and acts as a specialized supporting programme of these trade fairs.

Jiří Rozbořil, the Governor of the Olomouc Region, and the Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Tourism of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic:
The presentation of a region at the REGIONTOUR trade fair is not only important considering the general public, who in the age of the Internet can gather their information in other ways, but also we can meet each other here, exchange experience and tell each other what we don’t have in our regions yet and what we can make better. For me, as the Chairman of the Committee of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, it is extremely important because there is no other meeting as big as this one anywhere. I like the trade fair, there are jewels such as the stands of South Moravia, Vysočina or Southern Bohemia, other regions have smaller stands, but in any way everyone is trying to present themselves in the best light and show the most beautiful things from their region.

Witold Stepień, the Marshal of theŁódź Voivodeship:
I had to visit Brno with its monuments and the whole South Moravian region to see for myself that Prague is not the only touristic centre in the Czech Republic. We act as deputies of the ŁódźVoivodeship and we are here for the eighth time. We have all kinds of things to offer to the visitors from the Czech Republic so I believe that our contacts in the tourism area will only spread in the future. Nothing stands in the way, as I have myself seen yesterday, the trip from Łódź to Brno takes only four and half hours.

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