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25.-28.2. 2014

International Fair of Equipment for Retail Trade, Hotels and Catering Facilities

ENDERS: New at the trade fair SALIMA - Bowl Choppers BC 404


High-performance bowl choppers designed for professionally produced sausage meats, such as boiled sausages, salami or sausages for cooking, as well as for processing various types of foodstuffs which must be  minced, mixed or homogenised. The shape of the cutter bowl, the design of the cutter´s hood, the superior quality of the knives and the standard feature digital thermometer facilitate excellent results in the shortest of times.

The rotation speeds of the cutter spindle and the bowl can be adjusted individually. This means the machines have the ability to adapt to the varying needs and requirements of a wide range of products. These are high-quality stainless steel bowl choppers. The housing is welded together seamlessly to provide a quick, easy and hygienic cleaning solution. All bowl choppers fulfil the CE safety and hygiene requirements.

BC 400+ 402
The BC 400 and BC 402 are table-top models. They can be fitted with a mobile frame on demand.

BC 410
The top of the  range model BC 410 is equipped with all of the features required of a professional bowl chopper:

  • an infinitely variable motor with a frequency converter for the cutter spindle,
  • an infinitely adjustable mixing function, both forwards and in reverse,
  • full proces control using either a pre-selected temperature with the electronic thermometer or defining the number of bowl revolutions required
  • also being able to store programmes in the controller

All models have cutter heads which are easy to remove and can be exchanged quickly. There are 3-blade, 4-blade and 6-blade cutter-heads available.

More information at www.enderscz.cz

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18. - 21.5. 2021

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