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8.-9.3. 2013

The biggest show of franchising opportunities in the Czech Republic

Supporting Programme


Ing. Aleš Tulpa, international franchising consultant from the company AVEX systems s.r.o., is acting as expert consultant to the Franchise Meeting Point and its accompanying programme. The fair is to be held in Hall E at Brno Exhibition Centre 8 – 9 March 2013. The motto of the event is FRANCHISING – Partnerships for Success.

The two days of the fair are to offer the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the range of franchise concepts on display and other services for small and medium-sized business, hearing excellent papers and presentations, making useful contacts, taking part in interesting discussions and getting to know representatives of successful franchise systems and experts and consultants in various areas of business in person.

An integral part of the fair is to be an extremely interesting accompanying programme featuring the participation of a wide range of experts, including lectures and discussions with renowned specialists in the areas of franchising, the law and taxation, representatives of financial institutions and top managers from successful franchise systems, franchise recipients, suppliers of various services for small and medium-sized businesses, representatives of various franchise associations and a number of other experts.

The accompanying programme is comprised of three main programme sections:  

  1. Presenting Franchise Systems
    All the exhibitors at the event will have the opportunity of presenting their own systems or companies on both trade fair days, with presentations lasting around 20 minutes on each day on the exhibition area known as ARENA and FORUM. A list of exhibitors presented at FMP 2013 here.
  2. Franchise Academy
    A collection of free lectures and presentations focusing on essential and up-to-date information on franchising. This part of the accompanying programme is designed primarily for people with an interest in franchising. Experts in franchising, the law, taxation, financing, marketing, IT, real estate, human resources, etc. from both the Czech Republic and abroad will be appearing in the area known as ARENA and FORUM. The programme of lectures and presentations is also to be continually updated on the webpages of the FMP trade fair.
  3. Advice for Your Business
    Should visitors to the fair be unable to find answers to their questions or problems in the other sections of the fair’s accompanying programme, then they can take advantage of the chance of turning to the experts and specialists in the section known as Advice for Your Business. This part of the fair and the accompanying programme is designed for consultants in the areas of the law, taxation, finance, franchising, leasing, investment, marketing, IT, insurance and real estate, who will be available to visitors and anyone interested in franchising free of charge. A list of the experts and exhibiting companies in this section of the fair will be available on the FMP webpages. You can find an up-to-date list here.

The concept of our Franchise Academy
The individual presentations and lectures held within the framework of the Franchise Academy will be referred to by the target group for which the given presentation or lecture is primarily designed. The following have been identified as the principal target groups:

  1. Those interested in franchising
  2. Franchisees
  3. Franchisors

The lectures by the experts and specialists at the event are to focus primarily on the following subject areas:

Franchising as a method of business

  • What is franchising and how does it work in practice?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of franchising
  • Who is franchising suitable for and why?
  • What does the franchisor offer?
    • What role does the franchisee play and what does the franchisor expect of the franchisee?
    • The legal and tax aspects of franchising
    • Practical recommendations and tips

How to become a franchisee or master franchisee

  • Where and how to look for suitable franchise systems
  • Master franchise or individual franchise licence
    • The usual procedure for talks between someone interested in a licence and a franchisor; advice and recommendations
    • Franchise portals and franchise consultants – a source of information and valuable advice
    • How to finance a franchise enterprise
    • What should someone interested in franchising know about this form of business?

I want to develop my own franchise system

  • Developmental stages and financial costs
  • What should a “franchise package” contain?
  • Operating manual – franchise guide
    • A franchise contract – the most important document between the franchisor and franchisee
    • Financial model – Business Plan
    • The specifics of expansion into the Czech Republic and abroad – usual strategies for the expansion of franchise systems
    • How to finance the expansion of a franchise system
    • The role and responsibilities of a franchise consultant

Keep watching our webpages. Detailed information about the accompanying programme will be continually updated.

Those interested in taking part in the Accompanying Programme or with questions on this part of the fair can contact the fair’s expert consultant:

Ing. Aleš Tulpa, AVEX systems, e-mail: ales.tulpa@avexsystems.eu


Ing. Aleš Tulpa – expert consultant for the FMP 2013 accompanying programme and international franchising consultant, AVEX systems s.r.o.

A graduate of the University of Economics in Prague. From 1984, following his departure to Germany, he worked in the top management of a number of international companies, e.g. as managing director for QUELLE for the Czech Republic, OBI for the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, member of the board at the Lasselsberger group. Since 2004, he has had his own consultancy company AVEX systems, operating largely in the international franchise business. In the years 2001 – 2005, he was President of the Czech Franchise Association and member of the board of the Czech Federation of Commerce and Tourism. Since 2007, he has been owner and managing director of the company AVEX BAUMARKT systémová centrála s.r.o., which specialises in the construction and operation of franchise baumarkts. He has been a member of the Czech Franchise Association, for which he also acts as member of the Supervisory Board, since 2001. He is also a member of the FPI – Franchise Pool International, and a co-operating partner with SYNCON – International Franchise Consultants. In the years 2005 – 2008, he worked on the preparation and realisation of the trade fair FRANCHISE MEETING POINT. He also worked on the extremely successful revival of the event in March 2012. More at: www.avexsystems.eu.

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