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Offer of Exhibition grounds

The Brno Exhibition Centre has an area covering 750 hectares close to the city centre. Film producers can find here perfect conditions both as to diversified types of halls and open-air facilities, and as to a reliable production base. The Brno trade fair grounds are a site characterised by excellent transport access, sufficient parking areas and extensive accommodation capacities close by. One of its assets is its enclosure and independence of what is going on in the vicinity.


Directly behind the main gate to the Trade Fair an area opens that can be perfectly used as a square or the purpose of shooting pictures. The space is partially closed by the entrance structure, two smaller halls at one flank and the building of the Congress Centre at the other, and opposite to the gate two roads meet forming an arch. The pivotal pint of the square is a small lake with flagpoles. This area is particularly suitable during the summer months. 


The connection between the main entrance gate and the hall G can well serve as a city street. It is flanked both by buildings of the recent decennies, and of the times of the foundation of the exhibition grounds in 1928. The re-structured hall G with the outlook tower built in 1928 rounds off the whole space and boosts its attractiveness. 

Hall A

This hall is one of the original buildings of the functionalist style dating back to 1928. Its unmatched and really unique architecture offers imposing vaults of glazed rooms that can, e.g., produce the impression of some luxury bureau interior. The hall structure is very articulated, suggesting many interesting views. It has been already used for taking promotion clips by a number of car manufacturers. An independent component part of this structure is the Rotunda hall that is currently used for various events. Among others the meeting of presidents of the European countries took place here in 2007. The shooting of the Italian-Canadian film from the environment of modelling, Primetime Murder / Dellito in prima serata, was done in the Rotunda in 2000. 

More information and technical specifications of hall A1
More information and technical specifications of hall A2

Hall V

The main feature of this hall is the enormous space with only four columns in the middle, otherwise the hall is free from any disturbing elements and has up-to-date equipment. Its architecture can remind us, e.g., of an air terminal. Railway sidings lead quite close to it. 

More information and technical specifications of hall

Hall G

This facility serves as an example of successful melting of the original Bauhaus architecture with the modern design of exhibition halls of the recent years. Two oblong buildings connected with an underground passage and provided with newest infrastructure and equipment are at disposal. A component part of hall G is the outlook tower of 1928 with a gallery. Also an independent entrance from the outer municipal street is available. The hall can be completely darkened. The tower has already served for shooting musical video clips. 

More information and technical specifications of hall G1 
More information and technical specifications of hall G2

Hall B

In addition to its size and clearance the hall Is interesting thanks to its gallery, the large bearing capacity of its floor, the railways siding leading directly into the hall and a crane as part of its technology. The hall has already served for various events, among others for an international Davis Cup Championship. 

More information and technical specifications of hall

Hall C

The building is interesting in particular by the design of its columns, the location of escalators and the three galleries. The film makers prefer it for shooting clips, the interior being used as a good looking technological backstage. The hall has very good accessibility from gate No 4, both for pedestrians and cars. 

More information and technical specifications of hall

Hall F

At the present day F is the newest hall of the Brno Exhibition Centre that can boast of all attributes of a modern structure. Its benefits comprise a large area without any columns, up-to-date equipment and good accessibility. The vicinity of hall G creates an interesting futuristic ambiente. 

More information and technical specifications of hall

Hall P

The new Hall P at the Brno Exhibition Centre was brought into operation in spring 2009. Thanks to its parametres it presents an unsurpassable space for film makers. Some 15 thousand square metres of available space feature state-of-the-art technology, power supplies, shading, high bearing capacity of the floor and suspension possibilities. 

More information and technical specifications of hall

Hall Z

This hall is a unique circular structure offering an enormous area, imposing height and unmatched architectural design. Due to these advantages it is a sought place for events and for shooting films. The most extensive movie production in this facility was shooting a video of the French singer Ricardo Cocciante. 

More information and technical specifications of hall

Other exteriors

Thanks to its eighty years' history and continuous additions the Brno Exhibition Centre can offer many interesting places and architectural details. The arrangement of the Brno Fair makes it "a city in the city" with a plurality of advantages unrivalled by current open-air municipal settings - an enclosed site that cannot be violated by intruders, the option of being utilised over longer periods of time, a rich production base and a great infrastructure. 

Productional hinterland

Actually, the main purpose of the fair grounds makes manufacturing facilities a must for the erection of exhibition stands. The manufacturing shops of the Exhibition Centre Brno have rich capacities for covering the demands of exhibitors, and namely not only locally, but also elsewhere in Europe. Any requirement of a production staff has been always met without the least qualification. 

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