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Transport Solutions Fair - now as Transport a Logistika

The main part of the EUROTRANS 2013 fair to be taken up by garage equipment exhibitors


The first edition of the transport fair EUROTRANS 2013 will be taking place alongside the International Engineering Fair, MSV, at the Brno Exhibition Centre in October. The EURORTRANS fair will last three days – from Tuesday 8th October to Thursday 10th October. The fair will take place in Hall G, outdoor space H and at railway yard at Hall A. This hall will also house the conference programme of the fair as this arrangement provides for a better liaison between the exhibition and the supporting programme. Nevertheless, the fair keeps being prepared as a stand-alone event and is expected to be held as such in the coming years.

The EUROTRANS fair has come into existence by making the fair for commercial vehicles and garage equipment AUTOTEC a biyearly event taking place in odd years, and by expanding it by the topics of transport and logistics ( originally held alongside MSV as the TRANSPORT & LOGISTIKA fair) and railway transport (originally a part of MSV). By being held concurrently with MSV, the first edition of the fair will attract a number of visitors while respecting the need for bringing customers of the EUROTRANS fair’s exhibitors to the exhibition centre, offering synergic advantages for the exhibitors resulting from the presence of exhibitors engaged in the relevant fields of industry and transport, and it will also take up the traditional presentation of rail vehicles and transport and logistic services at MSV.

At the EUROTRANS fair exhibition space, a total of 80 exhibitors will present themselves, dominated by car servicing equipment exhibitors. The largest exhibitors in this sector include Ing. Alice Smejkalová – MITERAL, Technology Garage, Otto Christ Wash Systems, Ing. Pavel Ferdus, PH GIA, Autoservis akademie, UNICODE SYSTEMS, Autoimpex, AUDOL, DevCom and Mechanika Teplice. As regards logistics, we can name, for example, Yusen Logistics, T-CZ, Centrum dopravního výzkumu, Codeware, DSW Road, TOPTRANS and Cargopass, Ferry Lines. Railway systems will be exhibited by Cominvest, Železniční opravovne strojárne Zvolen and ZTC electronic. Most exhibitors will be located in Hall G2; other exhibitors can be found in the outdoor spaces around the hall and the railway yard in the central part of the Exhibition Centre. Exhibits on rails will be on display from Monday to Friday.

Problems of transport will be presented at the Mobility of the Future conference by the representatives of ministries

The main supporting programme of the EUROTRANS conference is the Mobility of the Future conference. This conference will offer a series of roundtables organised by the Transport Research Centre in cooperation with BVV Trade Fairs Brno. The objective of this part of the conference will be to bring experts on the below sectors to the roundtables and the ensuing discussion should define problems in the field of transport and draw conclusions. The roundtables will take place over September at the Transport Research Centre head office in Líšeňská street in Brno.

There will be a total of six roundtables dedicated to the following topics:

  1. Transport infrastructure funding
  2. Sustainable mobility
  3. Freight transport
  4. Safety of road transport
  5. Construction, maintenance and reconstruction of transport infrastructure
  6. Traffic telematics

The conclusions of these discussions will be presented in the introductory part of the MOBILITY OF THE FUTURE conference. This meeting will take place on 8th October 2013 in Hall G2 at the Brno Exhibition Centre. The participation at the conference is free, the visitors only need to register, preferably beforehand via the EUROTRANS fair website. The Mobility of the Future conference will last three days, the complete programme is available at the conference website. The conference topics include, for example, electric buses and high-speed railways. The supporting programme of the EUROTRANS fair includes the traditional conference BRNOSAFETY 2013 dedicated to road traffic safety.

EUROTRANS takes place together with MSV

This year, the EUROTRANS conference will take place on Tuesday, 8th October. In the same week, the Brno Exhibition Centre will host the International Engineering Fair,  MSV. This provides a clear advantage for the visitors as they can use a single admission ticket to visit both fairs.

Date: 4 Oct 2013 23:00:00

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