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Transport Solutions Fair - now as Transport a Logistika

Electric buses for cities compete with conventional buses


The idea of ​​electric buses for public transport was the afternoon topic of the Mobility of the Future conference. Numerous case studies and practical tests in the Czech Republic and abroad clearly demonstrated that electric buses are already capable to compete with conventional buses in performance and endurance. With their four-times lower operation costs and the possibility to optimize the buses for specific routes result in their purchase price becoming lower and affordable. Miroslav Kuželka from ABB presented an already tested project of the Tosa charging system, which allows electric buses to perform their normal daily service even while on battery power. Revolutionary here is both the size of the electric battery, which thanks of its compact size does not affect the passenger capacity of the bus, and charging stations at stops that automatically recharge the buses during entry and exit of passengers.

Date: 8 Oct 2013 17:15:00

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