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9.-13.10. 2017

International Fair for Environmental Protection Technologies

Statistical data 2017 - MSV, Transport a Logistika, ENVITECH


  • 1,631 exhibiting companies from 32 countries
  • 81,836 visitors from 60 countries
  • 42,900 sqm net exhibition space

Final report for download:

Quotes About the Fair

When the economy and companies are doing well, the fair is doing well too. The exhibitors again brought wonderful exhibits. This is not a Czech fair, it is an international and indeed a global fair that confirms that the Czech Republic is part of the global economy.
Jiří Kuliš, CEO, BVV Trade Fairs Brno

I am almost as an inventory at the Brno fair because I come here regularly and I like to come here. I appreciate the work of those who organize the International Engineering Fair.
Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic

I am pleased that we have a continuous tradition of 59 years of the International Engineering Fair, and I am proud of the fact that here in Brno we have such a beautiful exhibition centre, which is completely filled with the participants of this event.
Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

In spite of all the modern communication technologies, personal contact, trust and chemistry remain important among the partners that are indispensable in the business. The International Engineering Fair is an ideal opportunity to extend old friendships and create new ones.
Jiří Havlíček, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

It has been a pleasure to visit the Brno International Engineering Fair. It is one of the most important and most prestigious industrial fairs not only in Central and Eastern Europe, rather in the whole world.
C.R. Chaudhary, Minister of Industry and Trade of the India

MSV is always a place to show how companies can transfer R & D results into specific solutions. It is also a good feedback, because here one can see how much the innovative companies place their emphasis on co-operation with research. Like every year, there are a lot of interesting things that cannot be seen within a half-day, and so I have to be selective and thus I’ll definitely miss something interesting.
Pavel Bělobrádek, Deputy Prime Minister for Science and Research

Two years ago, we as a city were able to take over shares in BVV Trade Fairs Brno. And I am very glad that this decision seems to have been the right one. I have to say that this is positively reflecting on the economy of the city.
Petr Vokřál, Mayor of the City of Brno

Thank you MSV Brno! It has been a great honour to be a partner country of the International Engineering Fair 2017 and I believe this is the beginning of long-term cooperation.
Tarvinder Singh Bhasin, Director, EEPC India

The participation of nearly ninety companies at the International Engineering Fair is a welcome opportunity for the future development of joint trade. In the 1920’s, brands such as Bata or Jawa were common terms in the Indian vocabulary. Before the Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia was the second largest exporter in the defence industry. At present, India uses only 0.5% of Czech imports. I see great business potential here.
Krishan Kumar, Ambassador of India to the Czech Republic

I am glad that the Assembly is held as always during MSV, and I am happy that the Exhibition Centre is full. Politicians should see the fair most of all and see what the Czech industry looks like, what Industry 4.0 looks like and what is the future of this country. This year’s MSV is incredibly successful, with 1,630 companies from 32 countries here, demonstrating that our companies have advanced quite a bit in Industry 4.0.
Jaroslav Hanák, President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

MSV in Brno is one of the most significant and representative trade fairs organized in Central Europe. This year, Slovakia ranks among the three largest exhibitors with 80 presenting entities. The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic highly appreciates the work of the organizers of the fair and firmly believes that this 59th edition will bring new opportunities for establishing cooperation and deepening existing relations.
Vojtech Ferencz, Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Exhibitors´ view

Radim Horák, Business Development Specialist, ABRA Software a.s.
We are exhibiting here for the second year and the main reason is MSV’s focus on Industry 4.0. The trade fair brings us direct contacts with our visitors, while we also meet our existing clients and actively address companies where we see the potential for cooperation. We are also active in various supporting events here and we are visible in the areas of industry and automation, which is important to us because we want to be perceived by the professional public as a company contributing to the development of Industry 4.0.

Jan Sovák, Executive, Bee Interactive s.r.o.
The trade fair is important to us in terms of promoting our own EasyCargo product – a software for efficient planning of truck and container loading. Our customers have only been finding us on the internet and so we decided to address another group of people who have not heard of our solution yet. In this respect, the fair helped us a lot, many people stopped at our stand and were interested in specifications.

Tomáš Keprta, Marketing Manager, ČKD Blansko-OS, a.s. and TOS Kuřim-OS, a.s.
This year’s International Engineering Fair is definitely positive, the attendance was stronger than at the wellknown EMO trade fair. A large number of experts, established partners, etc. came to business meetings. We cannot complain about a large number of potential new partners either. Negotiations took place directly on each of the new machines of these two companies. The most interested parties came from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we also had delegations from India and from English-speaking countries. The companies were satisfied with their participation.

Jiří Malůš, DATRON-TECHNOLOGY s.r.o., Slovakia
We are happy with our participation, especially from Tuesday to Thursday, a large number of people came to our stand. We regularly exhibit in the same place in Brno, customers keep returning to us and it also happens that they make a purchase after a second or third visit. This strengthens me in the opinion that it makes sense to participate in the fair. It is also a signal to customers that they are dealing with a reliable and well-established partner whose products can be used for a longer period of time.

Jan Ponížil, Founder, DONGSHIN CE
We represent a Korean company with a 50-year tradition as their new subsidiary. Brno is a pre-premiere for us before Monday’s premiere in Germany. On the Czech and Slovak markets, we want to address customers in the automotive industry. We have had interesting reactions at the fair, as DONGSHIN has never been presented in Europe, and for many visitors, our injection machines have been a surprise due to both design and speed.

Tomáš Střelský, Director for the Central and Eastern European Market, Egbert Taylor Group Limited
This event is among the biggest ones we have attended in terms of their range and attendance. Our expectations have certainly been met when it comes to the scope of PR and media coverage. There have not been any specific business cases that would have resulted from our presence, but our exhibits have produced several positive responses. BVV services were totally fine. Perhaps it is just a shame that the ENVITECH trade fair does not use a separate hall.

Klaus Reinauer, Business Director, EPPINGER GmbH
We took part in the International Engineering Fair in Brno for the first time. We were surprised at the great interest in our products. The exhibition was visited by many people and they were interested in the exhibits of EPPINGER. A number of business meetings were also successful. Next year we will definitely return to the Brno Exhibition Centre.

Michal Žáček, Robot Sales, FANUC Czech s.r.o.
The engineering fair was a success for our company; besides the established customers, we were visited by other potential clients. We have made new contacts which we will evaluate in a few weeks after the fair. We were delighted that the stand was constantly surrounded by a crowd because we presented robots at work.

Martin Ježek, Sales Technician, FlexLink Systems s.r.o.
We returned to the fair as exhibitors after seven years. We see our participation in MSV very positively, whether in terms of environment, service or attendance. We have gained fifty new contacts during the three busiest days. We also used our presence in Brno to visit the stands of our partners and competitors. It’s a good time saving because everyone is in one place. We are glad to be here, and we believe in a positive response.

František Pán, Sales Representative, GALIKA AG
Our economy is doing well, as has been shown at the engineering fair. We had an average of 80 meetings per day at the exhibition stand, and we were visited by representatives of companies we did not even know. We even concluded sales contracts with one company from the Czech Republic and another from Slovakia, right on the spot. Foreign buyers from Ukraine, Poland and Croatia interested in our machinery also visited us. We are happy with the fair.

Marek Sucharda, Director, HARTING s.r.o.
We do not have all the basics to be able to evaluate all aspects of our participation in MSV 2017 more seriously at this point, but my personal impression is positive. I appreciate the increased activity of the organizers in the general presentation of the fair, ensuring the participation of the leaders of the state and the business sphere and the continuing concept of the partner country.

Peter Šebök, Business Director, IMEXIM TS, a.s.
This year’s fair made a good impression on us, our return after many years to Brno is very positive. We will definitely come again next year. Attendance at our exhibition stand was high. We had very interesting meetings, which were also very productive. The people who came to visit us were looking out for us, even though we presented a new brand this year. The fair was very successful for the company. The engineering sector is doing well, one can see it from all sides.

Petr Heinrich, Technical Director, KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s.
I see this year’s MSV very positively and I think that for KOVOSVIT it has been a very successful edition. I’ve been here during the whole week and I’m doing business support because we’re introducing several machines this year. There was great interest in our new hybrid technology, people stop by, asking and wondering what technology they could use in their production. A few interesting applications have already been discussed with our customers and we will continue the negotiations after the fair.

Vít Hněvkovský, Marketing Manager, KUBOUŠEK EU holding a.s.
We have seen customers’ interest in a new, unique technology that is much used in design products or in the automotive industry and can print nearly 97 percent of the mould, which is an excellent result for injection moulding machines. We are satisfied with the fair, especially with Wednesday, which is traditionally the most visited day. But even the other days, including Mondays, were very good in a year-on-year comparison.

Vlastimil Zelenka, Application Engineer, LASCAM systems s.r.o.
We were pleased with the abundant attendance of visitors who were particularly interested in laser cleaning systems. We supported this topic with a lecture, after which even a queue was formed by our stand. We have seen great interest within the plastics industry in solutions for cutting plastic inlets and we have a lot of demands there. I can say now that we are before signing the orders, which means our expectations at this fair have been fulfilled.

Ondřej Svoboda, Director, Misan s.r.o.
The attendance of this year’s fair was above average. I was also pleased with the high attendance of secondary schools and universities, as we need the interest of students who will be recruited to become the company’s employees. The focus of this prestigious automation event was also suitably chosen. The trade fair serves us to acquire new contacts, which has been achieved in Brno.

David Emler, Business Director, Nexnet, a.s.
The fair was very successful for the company, with more visitors than last year. That’s why more people visited our exhibition stand, too. I can say that there were also a significantly higher number of contacts than in the previous year. I would consider the fair as one of the most successful ever.

Pavel Matoška, Director, PENTA TRADING, spol. s r.o.
Our company is satisfied with our participation. We no longer have to catch customers in Brno, they come to us themselves. This was made possible by the change of features of the engineering fair, that is, we are regularly in one place, and thus new potential clients who get references from our regular customers come to see us here.

Miroslav Mašek, Executive, PILOUS – pásové pily, spol. s r.o.
As always, our company introduced our novelties at the Engineering Fair in Brno. More visitors came in than last year and we have received a good number of orders directly at the fair. It was a nice surprise for us that companies were interested in more sophisticated saws – they simply have more orders and need to buy modern machines. Not only our company but also the others are doing well, which is showing at the Brno fair. We have been participating in the Engineering Fair every year on a regular basis since 1992 and we cannot imagine that we would not come again.

Petr Mikota, Sales Manager, PROFIKA s.r.o.
Our company is very satisfied with our participation, next year we will definitely come back to Brno again. Our exhibition in Hall P was visited by more people than last year. We also use the trade fair to hold business meetings; our partners come here to see us and also the exhibition stands of other companies and compare where the machine industry is going every year.

Leopold Širůček, Sales, Protechnik Systems
It is obvious that with the good economy of our state, people are also interested in buying new machines, technologies, etc. That is why more people came to the fair in Brno than in the previous year. Our company felt this by making more contacts directly at the fair, which is very positive for the company. Apart from Czech engineers, our colleagues from Slovakia, Poland and Russian-speaking countries also visited us.

Jan P. Laštůvka, Executive, RUDL UP
We are really excited about the fair, it’s great here. By having an interactive exhibit, we can let people try it and they respond. There are also people from other industries who are interested stopping by. Responses are just positive. By your having written about us, people are coming because they have read it and wanted to see with their own eyes. The website is spinning, today we will be on television. We are absolutely thrilled!

Leoš Sehnal, Managing Director, SA Trade s.r.o. (PROMA machine tools)
This year’s MSV seems better than the previous years. There are more of our target customers here who come up with specific requirements. We target secondary vocational schools, craft workshops and metalworking companies. This year, more tenders with European subsidies were launched, and so we are trying to offer secondary schools an optimal solution for teaching metalworking, and school representatives were strongly present here. We are happy with the fair.

Jan Ježek, Software Group Manager, SEMACO tools and software, s.r.o.
The fair was successful; it is interesting that we have been visited by more colleagues from Slovakia who were interested in the automation and use of robots and their application in the production process. They simply came to our exposition purposefully and knew what they wanted. We also held several business meetings, this year even with new potential customers.

Tomáš Duba, Sales Director, Siemens, s.r.o.
We have been coming to the trade fair in Brno for many years and this year we are extremely satisfied with its excellent quality. For our company, it has been the most successful year in its existence. The company is happy to present at MSV and we don’t even think about not coming again. The fair is an ideal opportunity to reach our target audience at the time of electronic media. Investments in this event always pay off and we are surprised how many opportunities this presentation gives us.

Kamila Macháčková, Executive, Stroje JMK s.r.o.
The number of visitors to our exhibition seemed the same as in the previous year. I was delighted that they were targeting us and were interested in our goods and knew exactly what they wanted. As a novelty, we presented a new binder in the field of abrasive discs. We use the Brno trade fair every year for business meetings and new contacts, which was successful. The company was satisfied.

Vladimír Tejček, Sales Director, STROJÍRNA TYC s.r.o.
The trade fair is primarily a social event for our company, we must present ourselves, among other things to maintain the prestige of our company. We talk to colleagues about the development of engineering and other trends in Brno, which is very important for further work. Business meetings are also good and the same applies.

David Kratochvíl, Director, TAIMA spol. s r.o.
It is our twenty-fifth time at the Engineering Fair in Brno, and we will continue to participate. This year we have received a large number of orders for machines and we will evaluate them after the fair. We were surprised by the great attendance that we did not expect. Brno always serves us to arrange meetings in advance at our stand. This year we had them with many new customers. We rate our participation very positively.

Jaroslav Bureš, Service Manager, Teximp, spol. s r.o.
Very good fair, excellent services, more visitors than last year. That’s how I can shortly review this year’s MSV. Our regular customers also came to Brno of course, and we also gained new contacts not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also from other countries. We’ve had several business meetings, and it’s great to hear the suppliers of another facility for our company contacted us, for example from Italy. We are happy with the fair.

Ivana Geistová, Marketing Manager, Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe, s.r.o.
The trade fair was very successful for the company, we already have positive reactions to our work. We presented seven machines focused on Industry 4.0. We are very pleased because not only existing clients visited us here but also new ones who were very interested in buying new machines such as laser ones. Compared to the past years, we have succeeded in selling, we have a number of orders, this year it is also a sales fair for us.

Miloš Musil, Executive, WHP TECHNIK s.r.o.
The company is happy with the trade fair because many visitors came to our exhibition stand. Great interest also came from Slovak engineers. In addition, we have made many new contacts, which we will evaluate in the coming months. We have also met with regular customers.

Jan Úlovec, Sales Director, WNT Česká republika s.r.o.
We returned after four years, because we want to show our customers what has changed with us during the time when we have joined two divisions. We wanted to introduce news and attract new customers. And I think it is going well and the interest is great. We are glad that the fair has remained at the same level, and after four years, we just jumped onto a fast train. I do not see any negatives.

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