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27.2. - 2.3. 2018

International Fair for Packaging and Printing

PACKAGING LIVE will roll in Hall G1


A quarter of the exhibition space in Hall G1 during EmbaxPrint will belong to the live demonstration of the packaging process in practice. Four times a day, trade visitors will see how the BREADWAY branded breads are packed.

It will be a simulation of operation - in preparation for the possible distribution of frozen bakery products. First, the so-called Flowpack will take care of the packaging, wrapping the pastry in transparent film with an original print, then the product will travel down the conveyor belt to a printer that will label the production date and then it will be manually stored in a paper bag. A robot will then place those paper wraps in a large box, which are then mechanically sealed, equipped with a fixing adhesive, labelled and taken to a pallet by a palletizing robot. The semi-automatic wrapping machine takes care of fixing the pallets, not omitting more labelling, this time using labels. The production line also includes hydraulic scissor and leverage lifts to store the products, also a digital printer for printing on the cartons, a device that combines gluing and printing or a demo robot.

At the end of the packaging line there will be a Stickpack which produces branded sugar bags with logos of partners of the project cafe where the Breadway pastries will be tasted with good coffee. Visitors can also expect the traditionally held prize draw at the reception of the organizer, EQUICom.

The Packaging line will be presented for the 9th time at BVV. It has the following partners at EmbaxPrint:

  • ONDRÁŠEK INK-JET SYSTÉM spol. s r.o.,
  • TECHNOLOGY s.r.o.,
  • Viking Mašek, a.s.,
  • FANUC Czech s.r.o.,
  • EKOBAL, spol. s r.o.,
  • Fuchs Oil Corporation (CZ), spol. s r.o.,
  • OTK GROUP, a.s.,
  • ZDVIH servis s.r.o.,
  • Fipack, s.r.o.,
  • pap4ever digital, s.r.o.
  • Imperial Food Service s.r.o. delivering BREADWAY bread brand

The event is supported by media partners, TechMagazín and Packaging Herald.

Datum: 25 Jan 2016 09:27:00

Concurrently with

27.2.-2.3. 2018

27.2.-2.3. 2018

27.2.-2.3. 2018

27.2.-2.3. 2018

27.2.-2.3. 2018

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