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20.-23.4. 2020

International Fair for Packaging and Printing

APR Solutions SRL


ATHOS is a semi-automatic machine, with a manual feeder, for the application of the double-sided tape on any type of paper support, cardboard, corrugated and all types of PVC.

Athos is a machine designed for the automatic application of the double-sided tape, with a manual feeder, designed to operate with four double-sided and tear tape RAP applicators.

The application of the tape is controlled by a PLC Tac Scrim system, thus speeding up and easing the use of the machine.

The flexibility of the production, make the Athos machine indispensable for the realization of posters, envelops, postcards, folders, advertising signs, boxes, shopper bags, tissue samples, etc.

ATHOS PLUS is an automatic machine designed for the application of the double-sided tape and the tear-tape, incorporating a Feeder Plus – the first friction and suction feeder worldwide. This type of feeder eliminates the limits imposed by the traditional models, allowing the processing of small and complex formats, lighter weights, like 80 g, eliminating even the scratching marks left on delicate materials, like the plasticized ones.

COMPACT is a folding and gluing machine that offers extraordinary performances, making thus the machine unique.

The machine is provided with an innovative FEEDER PLUS – 3 automatic feeder.

Besides the continuous friction feeding, the machine is provided with a pile continuous suction feeding system too, for the execution of products like envelops, presentation folders with one or two pockets, CD/DVD envelops with one or two pockets, linear boxes, book covers, the application of double-sided tape on envelops, etc.

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20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

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