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International dog show Cacib
14.-15.11. 2020

International dog show

other Event at Brno Exhibition Centre Exhibition
International dog show Cacib visual

Facts & Figures:

On 14-15. 11. 2020, from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, an extraordinary International Dog Show CACIB with international participation of all breeds takes place in the Brno Exhibition Center. The organizer of this exhibition is the Czech-Moravian Cynological Union in Prague. The company Veletrhy Brno, as organizes the simultaneous sale of breeding needs and feed. The sellers will be located in the pavilion in the immediate vicinity of the competition circles.

Distribution of breeds according to FCI groups

  • First day - groups: I., III., IV., VI., VII., VIII., Unrecognized breeds
  • Second day - groups: II., V., IX., X.



  • Full name: International dog show
  • Date: 14.-15.11. 2020
  • Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre
  • Organizer: other



Tomáš Polický
Project manager
Tomáš Polický
Phone:+420 541 152 329
Czech-Moravian Kennel Union
Maškova 3
182 53
Praha 8 - Kobylisy, CZ
Phone:+420 234 221 371
Mobile:+420 602 216 874

Application form for the pet supplies retailer


1.0 Gear for dog keepers
1.1 Feed and mineral supplements for dogs
1.2 Veterinary preparations for dogs
1.3 Keeper’s gear for dogs
1.4 Cosmetic preparations for dogs
1.5 Cynologic sports and training tools for dogs
1.6 Dog parlours, hotels, boarding houses, pounds, vacation with a dog
1.7 Special training of dogs
1.99 Other gear for dog keepers
10.0 Literature, magazines and media on animals
10.1 Literature, magazines and media on dogs
10.2 Literature, magazines and media on horses
10.99 Other literature, magazines and media on animals
11.0 Organizations and institutions
11.1 Import, export of animals
11.2 Breeders’ associations, clubs, breeding stations and facilities
11.3 State organizations and institutions
11.4 Unions, corporations and associations
11.5 Counselling for keepers
11.99 Other organizations and institutions
12.0 Equipment for keepers’ gear shops and pet shops
13.0 Giftware, other services and insurance

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