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CEVC - Veterinary Congress
14.-15.5. 2019

Veterinary Congress

9th Central European Veterinary Congress - "Quo Vadis Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Profession?"


All lectures will be interpreted into English.

14 May 2019 (Tuesday) - Hall P, Lounge P1

08:00-09:00 Registration of participants
Michal Grabec, Blanka Ondráčková
09:00-09:15 Introductory address

Veterinary medicine, veterinary profession and veterinary drugs at the time of globalisation and the internet; near and remote future

Chairperson: Prof. Alfred Hera

09:15-09:35 Changing requirements on the veterinary profession and changing veterinary profession
  • demographic changes
  • internetisation
  • changes in business models
Dr. Karel Daniel
09:35-09:55 Food safety & quality system – what is expected from the veterinary profession
Ing. Dana Gabrovská
09:55-10:15 Relations between breeders and veterinarians at the time of the internet – a breeders' perspective
Doc. Josef Kučera
10:15-10:40 Changes in legislation from a European point of view
Rens van Dobbenburgh (NDL)
10:40-10:55 What is a veterinarian sales rep in for in the next decade
Ing. Petr Samohýl
10:55-11:15 New legislation in the field of veterinary medicines and medicated feeds
Dr. Jiří Bureš
11:15-11:35 New legislation governing veterinary medicines from the point of view of the Central European Region – a possibility or a necessity of deeper co-operation?
Dr. Judita Hederová (SVK)
11:35-12:00 Break

New approaches to animal health issues – more opportunities or more threats?

Chairperson: Dr. Ladislav Stodola

12:00-12:15 Perspective of the State Veterinary Administration (Czech Republic) in the supervisory activity of official veterinary physicians
Dr. Zbyněk Semerád
12:15-12:30 Perspective of the State Veterinary and Food Administration (Slovakia) in the supervisory activity of official veterinary physicians
Prof. Jozef Bíreš (SVK)
12:30-12:45 Smart farming, smart dairying - how are we doing in the Czech Republic compared to our competitors?
Dr. Jan Šťastný, Ing. Marie Ondráková
12:45-13:05 Use of veterinary medicine control and consumption data in veterinary practice and the role of breeders
Dr. Petr Fleischer, Dr. Soňa Šlosárková, doc. Josef Kučera
13:05-13:30 Big data, smart data, artificial intelligence and smart farming - how these words are already being reflected in pig breeding today
Dr. Jiří Malášek, Dr. Daniel Šperling
13:30-14:45 Lunch break

Demographic changes & changing veterinary business models

Chairperson: Dr. Karel Daniel

14:45-15:15 Management of a vet practice in the conditions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Dr. Radek Kašpar 
15:15-15:35 Changing requirements and conditions of the profession in corporate facilities
Dr. Radka Vaňousová
15:35-15:55  New EU rules on veterinary medicines – Quo vadis
Rick Clayton (BEL)
16:00-17:00 Round table – panel discussion
Daniel, Bureš, Hederová, State Veterinary Administration (Czech Republic), State Veterinary and Food Administration (Slovakia), professional chambers and others
17:00 Conclusion
18:00-22:00 Social Evening – Hall P

15 May 2019 (Wednesday) - Hall P, Lounge P1

08:00-09:00 Registration of participants
Michal Grabec, Blanka Ondráčková

Joint working meeting of drug administration authorities and veterinary pharmaceutical industry

Chairperson: MVDr. Jiří Bureš


Adaptation to new conditions in rules on veterinary medicines introducing a new regulation for veterinary medicines and for medicated feed – an opportunity for strengthened regional cooperation

Topic 1: New rules on veterinary medicines from the point of view of drug agencies and veterinary pharmaceutical industry (individual firms or associations) – impact assessment, possibilities and opportunities for regional cooperation

Topic 2: Possibilities for regional cooperation in the areas of

  • antimicrobial resistance issues
  • availability of veterinary medicines, handling of dropouts in medication supplies
  • availability of veterinary medicines for minority species and minority indications
  • registration of veterinary medicines under extraordinary conditions
  • scientific advice
  • clinical assessment of veterinary medicines
  • distribution of veterinary medicines and introduction of veterinary medicines into circulation– shall we prefer safety or economy – legal distribution chains
  • regional cooperation with regard to current and future challenges in veterinary medicine – Research, Development & Innovation, development of regulatory science, Big Data, Smart (precision) Farming, Artificial Intelligence, diagnostics issues and interaction of these disciplines with the issues of veterinary medicines
  • coordination of the preparation of legislation in view of possibilities for regional cooperation
  • development of information technology systems in the field of veterinary medicines

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09:00-16:00 ANIMAL TECH International Fair for Animal Production
National Show of Livestock
National Gamekeeping Show

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