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Caravaning Brno launched business and trade fairs in full throttle!

The 18th Caravaning Brno International Caravan Show enjoyed great acclaim. Two halls were full to capacity with stands of 66 exhibiting companies, which were besieged by fans of caravanning and camping for four entire days. Total number of visitors was 17978.

For the first time in history, Caravaning Brno 2021 took place independently, without the traditional concurrent holding with other fairs. All visitors therefore came in specifically to see a range of caravans, motor homes, extensions, various accessories, and equipment for camping. It has been confirmed that caravanning in the Czech Republic is experiencing a huge boom. At the same time, it turned out that this industry cannot work only online, because people need to compare the offers live and consult their selection with professionals whom they can meet all in one place at Caravaning Brno. National premieres of vehicles and some completely new companies and brands were presented at the expo. Purely Czech manufacturers started mass production of residential superstructures here, other newcomers launched a great business in other areas, for example in the chemical products sector. And the premises were full everywhere.

We’re sold out!

Two years after the last edition, there was a huge hunger for live contacts. In addition, during the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people interested in caravanning expanded significantly. Because the same development took place in other countries, too, the demand for new motor homes and caravans currently exceeds production capacities. Therefore, the traditional Caravan Bazaar in the open area of ​​the exhibition center was also a great success. There was also considerable interest in extensions, roof tents and other alternative solutions, which were introduced to a much greater extent this year. At the same time, the exhibition included small motorbikes, folding bikes, and scooters (both classic and electric), boats and other equipment for sports activities that go along with modern caravanning.

The largest area this year was occupied by motorhomes of all brands already known on the Czech market, but also some of the premiere ones. The offer ranged from the most luxurious "road cruisers" through practical variable models to flexible cars with off-road modifications. And there were also model innovations for 2022. The exhibition featured almost all major companies dealing in the import and sale of motorhomes, caravans, mini-caravans and accessories.

People were also largely interested in lectures that took place directly in the hals in between the stands. Practical issues such as the specifics of traveling with children or the issue of energy self-sufficiency and internet connection were addressed here. And, of course, there was the sharing of travel experiences and recommendations, for example from traveling around the US or the Balkans. An integral part of the exhibition was the Caravan Park, which allowed caravanists to camp directly at the Brno Exhibition Centre. This year, almost 200 cars parked there over the 4 days of the show.

The next season of Caravaning Brno will take place from 3 to 6 November 2022 concurrently with the GO and REGIONTOUR tourism fairs. "It is a logical connection that will benefit from synergy effects. Both of these related events have the potential to attract a large number of visitors interested in travelling, " explained project director Petr Maliňák.


What exhibitors said about the expo

Jan Bordovský, Camperlife.cz, Camping and Caravanning Association

I was incredibly surprised at how many people came in. For the first time in its history, caravanning took place on its own, without any concurrent trade fair, and the interest in this field proved to be enormous. I am very pleased that new small companies are appearing here that offer non-standard models. It is no longer just about standard motorhomes, but also about off-road modifications, roof tents and individual installations.

Klára Hájek Velinská, All4camper.com, Camping and Caravanning Association

There has been an extreme boom in caravanning. Even at this exhibition, it can be seen that the market is growing, and caravanning is attracting more and more target groups. For next year, the connection with the GO and REGIONTOUR trade fairs makes a huge sense to me. People from destinations and tourism representatives in the regions will see how many caravanists there are, and I believe that our cooperation will intensify.

Jaroslav Nikodém, Caravan Metropol

It was exactly the way it should be. We are glad that it turned out that the exhibition can exist independently. We have a clientele here that knows why it is here. We were worried if there would be enough people, but now I feel like there are too many of them.

Jakub Kadeřábek, Caretta
We are exhibiting for the first time, and we really like it here. There are a lot of people and in the first two days we sold everything we had at the stand. Plus we have got ten orders for caravans, which we‘ll have to deliver after the show.

Pavel Stejskal, MS Camper

I am extremely excited about the exhibition; it is very effective. Whoever comes to our stand knows, you can see they are going straight to the purpose. Visitors have been flowing in here from Thursday at nine o'clock and we sold three cars already on the first day. It looks like we will be sold out a year ahead after the show.

Ivan Vávra, TOPTRADE
We exhibit regularly and this year is good. Motorhomes are in high demand and selling a lot because people understood that at the time of the covid they are protected using this type of travel. People are coming in and want to buy, but the problem is the shortage of cars and long delivery times.

Kristián Holzbecher, Camping World Neugebauer

This year's Caravaning takes place independently, without other trade fairs, but it has no effect on the number of visitors. The time is extremely complicated because there is a shortage of cars and at the same time increased customer interest. For the first two days, people came here to buy a car and we sold everything we could. We are satisfied with the participation.

Sebastian Strässer, Frankana

We have been exhibiting here since the beginning. This year we were a little worried about what it would look like, but the first two days were good, and Saturday is incredible in terms of visitors. People are eager to buy. We are also here because of our partners, which are other exhibitors. It is beautiful to see how the interest in camping is growing in the Czech Republic.

Tomáš Brabec, KaravanyPro

Nowadays, a lot of new people are entering the industry, who do not have so much experience with caravanning, which is evident here at the exhibition. I like this year’s show and I am satisfied with it. Customers who are genuinely interested in our services and want to solve specific problems come here. Although there are not enough cars on the market, we have enough accessories, and we can respond to increased demand.

Jan Černohorský, FINASO

I am a supporter of personal contacts and I do not want to communicate only online. I'm happy here this year, I missed contact with people I hadn't seen in two years. We sold cars and a trailer here, so we are satisfied.

Lukáš Běhal, Life Style Camper
We are a new company, and we are exhibiting in Brno for the first time. There are a lot of people coming in and so far it exceeds our expectations. On Thursday and Friday, customers came who already knew something about us and wanted to make their choice without rush. During the weekend, there were people interested in renting or people who wanted to see our offer. We will definitely be satisfied with the business result, we have so many contacts we did not even expect, and we already have sold caravans. We didn't even think it would run so fast and well.

Jan Pacovský, Vanisti.cz
Caravanning is held on its own for the first time this year, so I was pleasantly surprised that the number of visitors is so high. A lot of people came in already on Thursday morning. Caravanning is already such a grown-up discipline that it is worth organizing a separate salon for it. It's a pity that some stands are too crowded. Exhibitors want to show as much as possible in a small area, which is not very friendly for visitors and some nice exhibits are completely hidden.

Kateřina Přikrylová, Auto Moto Přikryl

We are here regularly and this year we have seen a great interest of visitors untraditionally on the very first day. We were a little worried that maybe people learned to buy equipment online, but the opposite seems to be true. They still want to see things for themselves and try before they buy them. We are definitely satisfied with the participation.

Jaroslav Kolomazníček, Caravan Plus

I can see a very increased interest in caravanning and the purchase of motorhomes, I rate the Caravaning fair as successful.

Aleš Marek, Auto Bayer

There is a lively bustle, you can see that visitors are excited about the displaying of the Grand California car, which is actually the only one at the entire expo.

Robin Jirsa, Backi Adventure

We are exhibiting for the first time, and we haven't had a break since Thursday. Interest is extreme, it's also because people don't know overlands, it's something new for them.

Vladimír Záhorec, Karavan Centrum Morava

In any case, the fair is important to us, we want to focus only on the Brno fair, because it is our home exhibition. We have 25 cars here so that each customer has a complete idea of ​​what factories offer. Today, there is great interest in caravans and everything that simply has four wheels and a steering wheel.

Petr Kašpar, Czech Campers

I think everyone here must like it after that crazy year and a half. It's not just about business, it's about meeting friends here. No online world can replace this meeting.

Jaroslav Vavera, časopis Caravan

We liked the fair, because after a long time it took place at all, which is the great thing. However, the nicest thing is that the fair is very successful, there are a lot of visitors and especially fans of caravanning, whose number has really increased in two years. We see an increased interest of people, so there are a lot of new companies, extensions, microcaravans and more affordable machines and trailers for ordinary people.

Martin Pavelec, EGOE

We are very satisfied with the expo; we did not expect such attendance. There were a lot of people, and we are glad that we attracted a lot of visitors with our stand. We are pleasantly surprised.

Pavel Horský, Blue Rent
We were skeptical, the attendance was unsure. It is generally said that expo visitor numbers are falling by 30 percent. It is definitely not the case for this fair. Attendance was particularly strong on Saturday, while on Thursday and Friday some serious visitors came in.

Aleš Staněk, Hymer Moravia

We are at here for the second time and we expected a boom this year, because we have been feeling it in sales for the last two years. We were very surprised by the interest; in the first two days we sold all the cars we had here.

Vladimír Horký, Hykro

We were surprised by the very strong interest. We have been running trade fairs for 15 years and this year we have expanded the exhibition very much also, because we have vehicles and we have been trying to pre-supply for a long time. We usually sold around five cars at trade fairs, there were about twenty of them this year!

Mirek Pazdera, Campiri.cz

I must say that there has been a relevant interest since day one. We have gained many potential customers, whether in terms of B2B business or people who rent a caravan through us. A great success for me, I believe that in terms of business, there will be a great return in the future. One big thanks!



Some brands appeared for the first time at this fair and in the Czech Republic …



… others returned to Brno after years…


… others started their first series production here….


...and many shine like a perennial star without a pause.






Date: 24 Oct 2021 17:24:00

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