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Caravaning Brno
7.-10.11. 2019

International Caravan Show

How to add a firm in i-Catalogue


The catalogue lists every firm that is either an exhibitor or co-exhibitor at any of the fairs organised by BVV Trade Fairs Brno.

Get you registration at the fair – it is easy:

For queries concerning the exhibition space and stand construction you can contact our sales reps. (see the link to contacts provided for every fair event).

i-Catalogue offers an ideal scope of information about your firm

We do not want to restrict you. i-Cataloge on the website may provide any information about your firm – profile and logo of the firm, line of business, unrestricted number of products, services, innovations. You may edit the record any time during the year, prior to the fair commencement until the beginning of its next edition. We can assist you with the entry in the catalogue and its extended features at any time and recommend a suitable solution to your requirements. Just get in touch - i-Catalogue team.



BVV Trade Fairs Brno
Team i-Catalogue
Výstaviště 405/1
603 00
Brno, CZ
Fax:+420 541 152 937

Yvona Čechová
Manager for the i-Catalogue
Yvona Čechová
Phone:+420 541 152 552

GO, Regiontour, Techagro, InDent, Interprotec, MSV, Rehaprotex, Life!, Caravaning Brno.

Ivana Kumrová
Manager for the i-Catalogue
Ivana Kumrová
Phone:+420 541 152 834

Opta, Motosalon, IBF, Mobitex, URBIS, Silva Regina, Biomasa, Národní výstava myslivosti, Natur Expo Brno, Pyros/Iset, Stainless, Propet, MSV, Plastex, Woodtec.

Jana Buršíková
Manager for the i-Catalogue
Jana Buršíková
Phone:+420 541 152 777
Mobile:+420 601 252 374

Styl - Kabo I, Styl - Kabo II

Viktor Bílek
Manager for the i-Catalogue
Viktor Bílek
Phone:+420 541 159 406


Jitka Zemanová
Manager for the i-Catalogue
Jitka Zemanová
Phone:+420 541 159 408

Idet, Inteco, EmbaxPrint, Fond-ex, Profintech, Welding

Hynek Svída
Technical Support
Hynek Svída
Phone:+420 541 153 250

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