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Building Fairs Brno
27.2. - 3.3. 2019

Building Fair

23.-26.4. 2014

International Building Fair

Chimney blocks II. generation of CJ Blok


Product: Chimney blocks II. generation of CJ Blok
Location: Hall P, Stand No. 042
Producer: CJ BLOK Sp. z o.o.
Exhibitor: CJ BLOK Sp. z o.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Second generation of CJ BLOK chimney blocks are made of lightweight concrete. Despite the fact that net bulk density is only 400 – 500 kg/m³, these elements have unique technical features. The distance to combustible in new generation of CJ BLOK chimney system was reduced from 50 mm to 20 mm (ČSN-EN 12446 T600 (N) G (20) Mn). High resistance to fire external to external is 90 minutes (EI90, LA  90). That guarantees fire safety of CJ BLOK chimney system. Thermal resistance of outer wall elements increased to R44 and also thermal-insulating properties was improved to λ = 0,08 W/mK. The last advantages of new generation of chimney system is excellent compressive strength. Outer wall elements withstand an 3-4 Mpa pressure.


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