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Building Fairs Brno
20.-23.4. 2016

Building Fair

Gold medal 2016


Dear Exhibitors, Dear Business Friends,

As part of the supporting programme of International Building Fairs Brno 2016, BVV Trade Fairs Brno announces the traditional best exhibit competition - Building Fairs Gold Medal

Let us invite you to participate and introduce the competition essentials to you:

  • the competition is intended for exhibits showcased at the International Building Fairs.
  • the evaluation committee is composed of leading experts in the relevant fields – the evaluation committee is chaired by prof. Ing. Alois Materna, CSc., MBA.
  • Competition time schedule:
    • time limit for entries: 11th April 2016
    • exhibit evaluation: 19nd April 2016
    • announcement of results: 20rd April 2016


  • visible marking of all entered exhibits directly at the exhibition stand throughout the Building Fairs
  • the awardees will receive a trophy and diploma; the nominees will receive a certificate – possibility of benefiting from the success already at the time of the highest concentration of target groups at the fair. 
  • we will take care of your presentation: 
    • in specialist media provided by the trade fair‘s media partners (for more information see www.bvv.cz/ibf)
    • press releases, press conferences and meetings with the exhibitors 
    • websites of BVV Trade Fairs Brno – www.bvv.cz/ibf , where you can also find:
      • general information about the competition, official articles of the competition 
      • presentation of entered and nominated exhibits 
      • highlighted presentations of the winning exhibits
      • continuous information as part of on-line trade fair news
  • The nominated exhibits will become a part of the presentation to be projected during the festive ceremony in the presence of the exhibitors, journalists, experts and distinguished personalities of building industry, political and social life.
  • The participation in the competition will allow you to make a difference compared to the competitors, match your exhibits against innovations introduced by other companies and present them to the visitors and well as other exhibitors. 
  • The prestigious Building Fairs Gold Medal award provides a business tool for the awardees that they can efficiently use in their marketing and presentation materials, websites and in their showrooms. 

As the results will be announced on the first trade fair day, all nominees and awardees can use this marketing opportunity from the very beginning of the trade fair.

Dear exhibitors, we believe that your top-flight products and innovations you prepare for International Building Fairs 2016 will find their place amongst the prestigious competition entries.

BVV Trade Fairs Brno
Contact: Blanka Zlatá, Tel.: 54115 3372, bzlata@bvv.cz

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