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Building Fair Brno
21.-23.4. 2022

Building Fair Brno

Product Categories


  • Planning, architectural, design and engineering services, design
  • Structure realization
  • Construction trades and technologies
  • Building materials and products
  • Insulating materials, products and systems
  • Building elements and constructions
  • Non-ore raw materials
  • Building material recycling
  • Building machines
  • Machines for manufacture and treatment of building materials and products
  • Instruments and tools for the building industry
  • Sheeting, shuttering, scaffolding, moulds, tools for works in heights
  • Planning, building laws and regulations, technical standardisation, testing, metrology, certification, quality in construction
  • Building software and hardware
  • Information, consultancy, financial services, professional literature, education, school system, science, research in building industry
  • Gardens
  • Heating technology
  • Ventilation, conditioning and refrigeration technology
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Fittings
  • Pipelines, fittings and couplings, parts and accessories
  • Pumps
  • Measuring, control and process technology for buildings
  • Transportation equipment in buildings
  • Technical equipment in buildings - other
  • Tools, aids and computing engineering for heating engineers and plumbers
  • Wholesale trade
  • Literature, services, consultancy, institutions engaged in technical equipment of buildings
  • Conductors, cables and their accessories
  • Wiring technology and materials
  • Lighting technology
  • Electric power sources
  • Televison and telecommunication equipment in buildings
  • Signalling and information devices in buildings
  • Security and system technology for premises
  • Regulation, sensing and measuring devices
  • Tools and instruments for the fields of electrical engineering
  • Literature, services, institutions in electrical engineering
  • Business and investment activities
  • Financial institutions, project financing, services
  • Real estate agencies
  • Public administration, institutions and associations
  • Municipal infrastructure, electricity, gas and steam generation
  • Traffic systems, car parks and petrol stations
  • Street furniture, city lighting, light boxes
  • Equipment and services focused on cleanliness in cities, municipal technologies
  • Administration software for municipal and local authorities
  • Entertainment, sports, education facilities, schools and training centres
  • Other services in cities
  • Flood control
  • Waste and wastewater processing and recovery
  • Air and flue gas cleaning
  • Noise level reduction
  • Soil and landscape protection
  • Removal of old environmental burdens and consequences of ecological accidents
  • Instrumentation for environment control
  • Literature, services, research, environmental protection associations
  • Supporting programme


  • Furniture, accessories and materials for the production of furniture
  • Home textiles and accessories
  • Literature, education, software, services

Timber Construction Fair Brno

  • Wooden buildings
  • Timber structures
  • Materials for timber buildings and structures
  • Foundations and cladding for wooden buildings
  • Special equipment for timber construction
  • Machinery and equipment for timber processing
  • Tools and implement
  • Software for timber construction and structures
  • Services
  • Timber-frame construction vocational schools, associations and unions
  • Timber-frame construction specialized media and web portals
  • Timber-frame construction supporting programme

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