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Building fair Brno 2020: inner environment in buildings and green roofs


Building Fair Brno and the DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno will be held on 26 – 29 February 2020. Concurrently, the Brno Exhibition Centre will host the MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair. Visitors can expect not only new products and practical demonstrations in the field of construction and interior furnishing, but also advice and interesting lectures for trade visitors and general public or student competitions and demonstrations of work of apprentices of craft industries. The main topic of the Building Fair 2020 will Inner Environment in Buildings and Thermal Comfort.

The upcoming Building Fair will follow on the successful topic of the previous season, which was Healthy Living, with a theme titled Inner Environment in Buildings and Thermal Comfort; it will interweave through all four days of the fair. It will include the area of ​​quality of life, i.e. health, comfort, rest and relaxation, as well as productivity, energy efficiency or value of the property.

The fair will draw attention to four sub-topics. The first and largest of them will be Green Roofs and Green Facades, which will cover everything from design to maintenance, focusing not only on their functions and benefits and impact on the surrounding and inner environment of buildings, but also on the Zeleň střechám [Greenery for Roofs] subsidy programme. The content of the topic will be closely connected with water management and grant programmes of the State Environmental Fund. Furthermore, the fair will focus on Heating and Cooling, where it will highlight already implemented projects with regard to operational and energy demands and modern systems and their impact on human perception of temperature. Ventilation and Sun-shading will also have an important place as one of the essential aspects for human health and vitality. More details will be dealt concerning elimination of risk factors in housing such as the formation of mold, draft, overheating of the rooms or lack of daylight. The highlight will also be the topic of Lighting and Acoustics, which will focus on various types of light sources, types of lights and their placement, colour adjustment of the rooms, elimination of environmental noise and elimination of noise transmission within the housing unit.    

The last -mentioned theme will overlap into the MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair, which will deal with light from the perspective of an interior design feature. MOBITEX will also focus on quality furniture from Czech furniture manufacturers and small apartment furnishings. The main theme of its supporting programme will be the selection of quality and health-safe furniture.

The Building Fair Brno and the DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno will be located in Hall V, student competitions and demonstrations of work of apprentices will be held in Hall A2. MOBITEX will traditionally have its own venue in Hall F.  

Date: 19 Aug 2019 09:39:00

Concurrently with

DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno
26. - 29.2. 2020

26. - 29.2. 2020

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