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Building Fair Brno
27.2. - 2.3. 2019

Building Fair Brno

Visit Building Fairs Brno to get inspiration and advice


From 25 to 28 April 2018, the Brno Exhibition Centre will host the Building Fairs Brno event, which is the right place for introducing new technologies and technical solutions, as well as a meeting point for experts from all branches of construction and technical equipment of buildings. You will find here everything that is related to the construction – not only news from the construction industry displayed by a number of suppliers of construction materials or prefabricated construction elements, but also brand new technologies and trends. At the same time, the DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno and the MOBITEX International Furniture and Interior Design Fair will be held concurrently. Hence, news and trends for the construction and reconstruction, as well as a selection of quality and healthy furniture and interior equipment will be available in one place.

Building Fairs Brno will be dedicated to several topics that are currently reverberating in the world of construction. Construction 4.0 is a set of issues that will appear at the stands, in the supporting programme and at independent consultancy centres. The sustainability of life in the countryside and in the cities will also deserve attention. Another topic will be more the more than burning issue of subsidy titles aimed at energy-saving construction and reconstruction. There will also be demonstrations of activities of guilds and other professional communities.

Professionals will help you with your construction or reconstruction projects

At the exhibition stands you can see not only news from the exhibitors' product range and new trends, but also get advice on a tailored solution to your home. Most exhibitors offer free advice and consultancy if you bring in your own plans for construction or reconstruction. Also, as part of the supporting programme, a lot of professionals will be ready to give you answers about issues you need to know free of charge.

At the stand of the Association of Prefabricated Home Suppliers (ADMD), a sought-after professional consultancy centre will be available, organized by the Association of Prefabricated Home Suppliers. In addition to the ADMD, another twelve companies from the Association's members and partners will be present at the fair at a joint stand, where people will be able to obtain professional independent information from real professionals, who are available to visitors completely free of charge for the whole duration of the fair. Are you interested in construction technology based on wood? Are you going to buy your own home? What to watch out for when choosing a supplier of your dream house? How to get finance for your house? Or how to protect wood from fungus, mildew or insects? This is just a short overview of possible inquiries you can get answers to in Hall P at the ADMD stand at DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno.

Come to the fair and win a roof or CZK 5,000!

An attractive show is offered also by exhibitors themselves. At their stands you can see, for example, a fragment of a house on which you can learn about the Ytong building system or view a demonstration of plaster application.

A wide range of different types of doors, windows, sun shading devices or chimneys, as well as construction materials such as concrete, stone or soundproof panels are waiting for you. Many exhibitors are focused on the construction of passive houses and related services and consultancy. And so that you do not go away with empty hands, you can take part in a competition at the Covering – Roofs stand, where you can win a Gerard roof; just check 3 correct answers and you are in for the draw. You can also try to pry open a FenStar window. If you succeed, a reward of CZK 5,000 will be yours.

Garden architecture will offer inspiration for city parks

This year, too, Building Fairs Brno will feature a showcase of garden architecture and design as part of the Garden Architecture project. On an area of 1,200 sqm, examples will be displayed of various types of gardens, garden decorations or solutions of roads and paved parts of a garden. In addition to inspiration and hot fashion trends, you can also get tips for your garden from professionals in the industry. AGRO Tuřany, a green plants supplier and the main partner of the project, offers the largest selection of various species of potted flowers, herbs and ornamental trees in Moravia. You will be able to view all of this live and take home a bit of this beauty as well, because the event is also accompanied by the sale of the displayed products.

New Green Savings and Dešťovka – subsidy programmes for you by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic

Do you own a family house and wonder how to cut costs? Make use of favourable subsidies from the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. Financial contributions from the New Green Savings Programme can be disbursed on schemes such as thermal insulation of a house, windows and doors replacement, electric boiler replacement with a heat pump, installation of solar systems or forced ventilation with heat recovery. A new family house meeting the passive house standards will cost you up to 450,000 CZK less with the use of our subsidies. And if you are thinking about how to irrigate your garden in a dry summer and how to save on drinking water costs in your household, you might be able to get a subsidy from the Dešťovka (Rainwater) programme. Come in and learn how big a subsidy you can get. We will show you on real-life examples that it does make sense and that getting subsidies is not as difficult as it is sometimes said.

Czech and Slovak Building of the Century – you can start voting on 25 April 2018

The Czech and Slovak Building of the Century project has been staged as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic and aims to promote the achievements of Czech and Slovak construction industry over the past 100 years. In Czechoslovakia, and later in the Czech and Slovak Republics, a number of important buildings were erected, important for the further development of society. The project involved construction and architecture works with regard to their importance and contribution from 1918 to the present. Out of these, an expert jury chose a total of 100 Czech and Slovak buildings. On 25 April 2018, a public poll will be launched, which will end in the autumn of 2018. On this occasion, a book will be published and then, from September 2018 going forward, travelling exhibitions will be staged across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, presenting individual nominated buildings. The project will be complemented by additional accompanying events and lectures.

The only space for presentation of wooden houses in Moravia? The DSB trade fair!

The DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno trade fair focuses mainly on the presentation of wooden houses, materials for wooden buildings and structures, foundations and cladding for wooden houses. The exhibitors' offer is extended by the supporting programme of the trade fair, which has been prepared in cooperation with professional partners and associations, both for professionals and for the general public interested in wooden buildings.

Almost thirty companies will be present at the DSB trade fair, such as ATRIUM, DOMY D.N.E.S., Quickhaus, Vesper Frames, HK Dřevstav and Profi-gips. More than thirty model designs will be presented by the company Neat Houses, which will also introduce its new product – smart house management. At an exhibition titled "A Different Imitation of a Log Building", visitors will learn about how to achieve the appearance of a log house using patented decorative plasters as an alternative to classic wooden cladding. "We wanted to offer a visually superior and maintenance-free option. Thanks to the facade technology also called "petrified wood", we managed to achieve a realistic three-dimensional appearance of the original old beams," says Martin Kobosil, a representative of the company. "Our modern solution to classical architecture combines state-of-the-art technology, unique technique and traditional design." Practical inspiration from finished prefabricated wooden houses will be offered by the Eden 3000 Centre of Model Houses.

Quality and healthy furniture at the MOBITEX trade fair

The issues of selecting high-quality and health-safe furniture will be treated in a truly comprehensive manner at the MOBITEX trade fair – whether in the context of the professional supporting programme, at the exhibitors' stands and, last but not least, at independent expert consultancy centres run by professional unions and associations. The exhibitors attract visitors to see their new products and truly high-quality exhibits; for example, the company Magniflex will present its technological novelty and worldwide patent MagniSmartech – the bed of the future. MagniSmartech is an innovative system of unique adjustable slats and luxury high mattress with four options of comfort. Customers can choose, according to their own preferences either patented memory foam, refreshing gel, natural latex, or cold foam for lovers of harder beds. The bed is integrated with technology that monitors and analyzes sleep and gives suggestions on how to improve it. It helps clients improve their quality of life.

PTÁČEK Fair as part of Building Fairs Brno

Concurrently with the Building Fairs Brno, the  PTÁČEK Fair of the company PTÁČEK – velkoobchod will be held; it will open to the public on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April. As part of this event the company PTÁČEK - velkoobchod, a. s. will introduce its range products from more than 150 suppliers in the sectors of heating, gas, water, sanitaryware and utility networks.

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