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Building Fair Brno
26.-29.2. 2020

Building Fair Brno

Free professional counselling for everyone


At the Brno Building Fair, there will be various counselling centres available to help you. You can find help with anything that relates to building and furnishing a house or a flat.

The construction counselling centre Throughout the whole Fair, there will be experts waiting for you in the Construction Counselling Centre to give you free advice on legal and technical issues related to the preparation of building, the building process, reconstruction and usage of the buildings. The Counselling Centre is sponsored by the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in the Construction (ČKAIT).

The Counselling Centre of the Association of Prefab Homes Providers (ADMD) will focus on the questions about building and living in modern wooden houses. At the ADMD booth, the visitors can see how a wooden construction looks like and to consult the ideal wooden house supplier for their needs. Are you interested in the technology of building made of wood? What should you watch for when searching for the right provider of your dream house? How to finance your house? That is just a short sample of question you could be asking at the ADMD counselling centre.

Are you building a house or reconstructing it and want to save some money? To increase your budget by hundreds of thousands, ask for support from the New Green Savings Programme, the Dešťovka Fund or a Fund for replacement of old solid fuel boilers. At the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic booth, you can get advice on what you can get subsidies for, how much money you can save, how to proceed and what mistakes to avoid. The subsidies already helped dozens of households, join them as well!

At the counselling centre and discussion studio by the Guild of Heating and Plumbing Czech Republic, you can find out why you should not underestimate choosing the right plumber or heating engineer and how to spot a true professional. Among the discussed topics, there will be also the current lack of students of heating and plumbing in the Czech Republic and its connection to companies, or the digitalization of the craft (Řemeslo 4.0).

 Do you need new windows or repair the old ones? Do you need window shading, or you need to innovate it? Are you dealing with design or energy saving? You can get these questions answered for free by professionals at the Counselling centre for windows and sun shading products.

Do you need help with your chimney? Visit experts from the Chimney Association (APOKS) who will answer all your questions about designing, building and using chimneys. They also provide counselling in the field of energetics EKIS that supports establishing energetic savings and renewable energy sources.

If you are about to repair an old fireplace, stove or oven, or you are planning to build a new heating device and you need a piece of advice, stop by with your plans at the Guild of Stove Builders booth and check them with the professionals.

Do you want to build a new home, are you renovating the old one or you need advice about design?  Turn to the independent architects from the ARCHAMI Atelier who will be available throughout the whole Fair to help you.

For the second time, there will be the Counselling centre for the BIM (Building Information Modelling) that met with interest especially from architects and designers. The experts can find out more about the BIM programme here and gather relevant information.

A new booth at the Fair will be by the Czech Standardization Agency that deals with creation, publishing and distributing the Czech technical norms. It is also entrusted with introducing the BIM method to the Czech building industry. At their booth, you can get any information about the approach to the international and national norms, about the database ČSN and TNI, and the possibility to acquire a license.

The free counselling service will be also available as a part of the Smart household project by the JASYKO studio. Together with their partners, the studio prepared a model house that will be divided into two parts – one that shows current interior furnishing trends, including an example of high-end audio-visual technology, and the second one will show examples of technical and technological solutions. You can ask about the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of smart solutions in households, either audio-visual devices, air-conditioning, water heating, or lighting.

The Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufactures will help you with orientation on the furniture producing market, they will introduce you to the Czech manufacturers and tell you how to choose high-quality furniture. At the booth of the Guild of Upholsters and Decorators, you can find out how to proceed when looking for new upholstered furniture for sitting or lying, what to watch out for and how to spot a high-quality upholstering.

Date: 1 Mar 2019 11:00:00

Concurrently with

DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno
26. - 29.2. 2020

26. - 29.2. 2020

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